Monday, March 24, 2014

Construction and maintenance electrician program gives the necessary skills set for a career-ready graduate

If you are looking for a stable and rewarding career, look no further than join one of Canada's skill trades. Postsecondary education is important in today's economy, but it also provides the amount of experienced required for skill trade professions. Centennial College teaches the Electrician: Construction and Maintenance - Electrical Engineering Technician (3821) program to learners interested in the field of electrical engineering.

This co-op diploma apprenticeship program involves having to attend school for the first year, then eight months at a reputable company in the construction industry, and back to the classroom for the final year. Students learn about various aspects of electronics, power generation and distribution, and installation methods. In addition to the theories, students gain hands-on experience on campus at simulation labs. Then they can apply their skills in the field placement and gain industry experience and on-the-job training.

The profession sees a fair growth in the next few years, according to Service Canada:
  • job openings are created through the promotion of experienced workers
  • an economic stimuli is expected to hit the construction sector, giving more opportunities for professionals in this field
  • majority of the employment is under full-time status
  • entrepreneurship takes over 10% of the employment
  • average annual employment income is at least $45,000
  • many skilled workers went through a college education
Students should be excited to start their career upon graduation. Since they have the skills for the job tasks, many find jobs easily and quickly. Some students even get hired before leaving the college, as many companies that participated in the co-op apprenticeship like the students who worked for them. Graduates can enjoy electric technician positions in the construction industry, in both commercial and residential areas.

To ensure a smooth application process, applicants can have the following requirements ready:
  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma, high school diploma, or equivalent; or valid mature student status
  • Minimum grade in Grade 12 English, college or university level
  • Minimum grade in Grade 12 Math, college or university level; or Grade 11 Math, college-university or university level
  • Completion of a questionnaire to be mailed once student has applied
  • Attendance of the mandatory information session, where students will be interviewed briefly about their answers on the questionnaire
  • Eligibility to work as an apprentice in Ontario
Centennial College equips its students with sufficient knowledge and exemplary skills in their trade. Its graduates will start their careers as a construction and maintenance electrician, and will have opportunities for growth as they accomplished an advanced diploma. The academic and practical training provided has been hailed by industry partners and employing organizations.

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