Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Business Marketing Diploma Program – A Quick Credential to Get to the World of Work

Centennial College’s two-year business marketing diploma program prepares students to get to the world of work within just two years. It is a comprehensive program that provides them with an opportunity to learn the basics of business, such as accounting, operations, organizational behaviour, and international business, helping them build a strong foundation. In addition, it lays strong emphasis on marketing theory and case-based problem solving, along with professional selling practices and advertising and communication.

The two-year program runs through four semesters and offers a combination of broad marketing concepts and specialized skills, preparing students to find employment as merchandising assistants, sales representatives, product consultants, customer service representatives, merchandising supervisors and promotion assistants. The program graduates are capable of taking jobs in both small and large businesses across many industries, including but not limited to not-for-profit sector, food and beverage, financial services, electronics and government.

Business Marketing Diploma Program Subjects

The diploma reflects high standards of learning and is thus, recognized in Canada and abroad. It adopts an interactive teaching approach and is taught by experienced marketing faculty with strong background in both business and education worlds. The program incorporates classroom learning, guest lectures, case studies, projects and computer simulations and technologies, focusing on overall development of students.

It covers a wide range of subjects including strategies for business success, fundamentals of business, mathematics of finance, financial accounting concepts, business operations, business communications, principles of microeconomics, human resource management, international business concepts, principles of marketing, business analysis, practical applications in marketing, professional selling and marketing communications. The program also helps students gain computer skills to work on business application software systems.

The course helps students understand different types of customers and their needs. With this, they also understand how to price, package, distribute and promote the products. The program has a strong focus on various aspects of marketing. In addition, Centennial College also sponsors selected marketing students in national and province-wide academic competitions.

Applying for Business Marketing Programs

In order to apply for the two-year business marketing programs , interested students need to submit an application form along with the following documents:
  • Secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent scorecard
  • Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12C or University or equivalent
However, those who have not completed their secondary education can also apply for this college. Students currently appearing in high school can send their application to the college, while their midterm and final term scores will be automatically transmitted to the college.

Options after Course Completion

The program graduates can find employment with the companies across various industries and pursue their careers. Those who are looking for more advanced career opportunities can apply their academic credits towards further study and enroll themselves in a business marketing degree program at the university. The college has partnerships with selected universities and institutes, which allows students to study at other institutions.

Those who are interested in quickly get to the world of work or explore various career options that a business marketing program offers can consider applying for this program.

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