Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reasons for Considering Post-Secondary Hotel Management Education

Study of hospitality management at post-secondary level tends to focus on equipping students with the

  • Understanding of a variety of hospitality environments
  • Knowledge and ability required to seek entry-level jobs in hospitality industry
  • Understanding of the interrelationships between departments that drive performance in hotel and resort industry
  • Ability to apply basic cost-control, revenue management, analysis and control, and financial planning principles to assist in making decisions
  • Ability to recognize and adapt to various and changing technologies, systems and computer applications for the hospitality industry
  • Ability to plan, prepare and present for a variety of hospitality environments
  • Ability to perform effectively as a food and beverage preparation and service team member

The program covers core fundamentals of the hospitality industry, providing students with a theoretical and practical introduction to the discipline. The post-secondary hotel management education in Toronto helps them build strong fundamentals in

  • Kitchen and dining room practices
  • Beverage knowledge and bartending
  • Sanitation, safety and hygiene
  • Food theory
  • Front office operations
  • Hospitality and tourism marketing
  • Hospitality accounting
  • Hotel sales and marketing
  • Housekeeping and facilities management
  • Hospitality and tourism law and security
  • Principles of food, beverage and labour cost controls

The post-secondary hotel management program is designed for students intending to pursue career in the hospitality industry, in areas such as front office, general management, food and beverage, accounting, human resources, housekeeping, sales and marketing, catering and convention, and human resources. It combines classroom learning and an industry internship in the final semester to gain hands-on-experience.

To seek admission in a post-secondary hotel management program, students need to submit a secondary school diploma or equivalent and English Grade 12 C or University scores or equivalent. Students currently attending high school can also apply for this course.

Reasons for Considering a Post-Secondary Course in Hotel Management

There are two main reasons for why someone should consider a post-secondary course in hotel management. Firstly, the global rise of tourism has given rise to numerous career opportunities. A formal education in hospitality prepares students to gain basic knowledge and skills required to enter the world of work.

Secondly, students with hospitality management education have better chances for career advancement. They can apply for managerial roles after accumulating a relevant experience and undergoing a short postgraduate certification program. A post-secondary program in hospitality management serves as a base for higher education.

Choosing the Right College

Although there is a significant increase in employment opportunities in hospitality industry but getting a job has become tougher than ever. Employers are keen on hiring students with formal education and relevant industry experience. Therefore, it’s important to make certain that the course is affiliated to a recognized body.

Centennial College’s two-year, post-secondary program in hospitality management – hotel and resort is accredited by UNWTO TedQual. In addition, the college allows students spend the final semester of the program working on placement with industry professionals, where many are successful in transitioning directly from internship to paid employment. Not only this, the graduates of this program are also allowed to apply their credits towards further studies at the partner universities and earn a hotel management degree.

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