Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Office administration program teaches the skills required in offices across all industries

Once thought of as a time saver, managing things electronically has only created what seems like an increase in paper usage and time-consuming duties to convert and manage digital information. Although you may thought jobs in office administration might go extinct, the duties completed by such personnel are here to stay. Office Administrator Schools train a variety office professional, and Centennial College places high on the list of top schools in Canada, where it’s Office Administration – Executive (2606) program train office professionals at a higher degree of competence and skill levels.

A job in office administration requires you to wear different caps and assist with various functions. Furthermore, assisting management and executive levels will require a higher degree of responsibility to manage the workload. Graduates can expect to perform the following job functions:
  • Prepare various forms of correspondence to internal and external customers, including e-mail, fax, letters, brochures, posters, reports, and invoices.
  • Create professional presentations for management, using tools like PowerPoint and Visio
  • Sort and organize incoming and outgoing mail for the department or the whole company
  • Manage the CEO’s calendar, booking all meetings and travel arrangements, and monitoring any appointment changes as frequently required
  • Prepare meeting agendas and record meeting minutes
  • Liaise with other administrative assistants and coordinators to complete specific tasks and organize projects
  • Perform data entry and light accounting duties, such as bookkeeping

Here are the skills you will learn at Centennial that will help you in all levels of office administration in any industry:

  • Communication: Important in everyday life, communication is a vital part of any business to function effectively, especially in an assistant role where the individual needs to coordinate with various stakeholders for different projects. Additionally, students will learn how to communicate in different platforms, in-person, over the phone, by mail, and online.
  • Time management: Organizing tasks and meeting deadlines is important, especially when your colleagues and management depend on you. Students will learn basic office procedures through lectures, demonstrations, group work, simulations, and other exercises where they can practice their time management skills.
  • Accounting: Many administrative positions delve into some accounting work, so students are taught the foundations of accounting, basic financial procedures at many offices, and computerized bookkeeping using QuickBooks.
  • Technical: Offices are modernizing with more data saved in the computer networks than in print. Students will learn sufficient computer and Internet skills, as well as advanced computer program knowledge. They will learn the following Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, and Project. Additionally, some accounting, design, and coding programs will be explored.
  • Transcription Techniques: Administrative assistants aid upper management with several tasks and often act as secretaries during meetings. They record and disseminate the information during the meetings. Students are trained with proper writing skills and techniques in transcribing speeches accurately.

Students can pursue opportunities in any industry and in the government and not-for-profit sector. Salaries for entry-level positions vary by company and industry, but specialized executive assistants, such as those in legal or medical, can earn a higher pay. With experience, administrative assistants can earn a $50,000 salary or higher, so Centennial gives their students a head start with a field placement. During the fourth semester, students will attend school for some classes and spend two days at an employee, where students will work in the area of specialization in either executive, legal, or medical.

Centennial has high expectations of students, only letting the best to graduate the program. It requires every student to have a minimum typing speed of 40 wpm. The office administration program starts in the fall and winter semester, and can be completed within two years

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