Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Media studies mixed with engineering technology creates new hybrid program

Where will you go, if you want a long-lasting career in the competitive media industry? Being technologically savvy is a good start, but having the design production knowledge and engineering skills can strengthen portfolio and welcome you to a wide array of opportunities. One college is offering a unique hybrid program, combining of media studies courses in Canada and engineering. The Entertainment and Media Systems Design (3420) program at Centennial College is a three-semester postgraduate program with a field placement at the end of the year.

The program was formed in collaboration with the School of Communication, Media and Design and the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, with foresight of increasing demand for positions in the media engineering field. Centennial Professor Doug Pringle estimates that it will take a very skilled professional of about 10 year of experience in engineering, production or both to work in the roles required by many media companies. He says:

"When you go to a large media company, you’re dealing with  different media and they have teams of people with engineering skills, software skills, networking skills, and content creators…each one has their own specific skill set but who’s pulling it all together?”

Centennial is helping with the job creation by producing competent graduates with technical background in media design. The result is the creation of this media education program, requiring students to have previous experience or knowledge in a related field. Applications are open for the Fall 2014 enrolment with the following requirements:

  • Completion of a university degree or college diploma in a relevant engineering, technology or media program
  • Partial education, with minimum of two years in university, may be accepted along with substantial work experience in the similar field of studies
  • A portfolio containing various design work, showing your capabilities in media engineering
  • A resume, regardless if you have or do not have work experience in this field
  • A letter of intent, declaring your commitment to the program
  • Attendance in the mandatory program admission session

The program is filled with training exercises where students get to experience the learning hands-on. From programming to content management to media systems, students advance with guidance from qualified faculty members. Centennial provides high quality of learning for its students and they gain plenty of benefits by entering this program:

  • A sustainable career outlook in the media industry
  • In-demand jobs with high-paying salaries and opportunities for growth
  • Various job opportunities available, such as Interactive Technical Producer, Software programmer, and User experience designer
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders, where students also get to display their work and gain feedback on their progress
  • A 15-week field placement at a media technology company or design firm, where students gain on-the-job experience and possible leads to career opportunities
The Entertainment and Media Systems Design program at Centennial College unleashes your potential in design and engineering, with the help of this new and exciting program. With many career possibilities in the media industry, graduates have established themselves as software engineers and content producers across different workplace settings.

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