Thursday, February 20, 2014

Environmental Services professionals are key to preventative and corrective measures in disease control

The spread of diseases start with the care of individuals with their cleanliness and well-being, but some illnesses are hard to evade. This is where Healthcare Environmental Services professionals step in to implement preventative and corrective measures. This exciting career starts with a health care management degree at Centennial College, with its Healthcare Environmental Services Management (9158) program.

Centennial depends on its School of Community and Health Studies to train healthcare professionals with the safety and quality practices in the healthcare profession. The Healthcare Environmental Services Management has qualified faculty members with experience in their field to guide new learners to this area of healthcare operations. Students complete two years of studies involving materials management, cleaning methodologies, and infection control.

The curriculum consists of six courses for each semester and an on-the-job training at external organizations during two of the four semesters. Students practice the theories in lab settings and field placement, ensuring that the knowledge compliments the skills. Here are some program highlights:

  • Quality assurance methodology will be explored, so students can enforce proper handling practices and in-depth analysis of healthcare issues.
  • Proper cleaning and sanitation is mandatory for any business, especially in healthcare facilities, to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Students will learn cleaning and linen methodology.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) will be studied. Its uses will be determined in public and private life settings.
  • Relevant industry and government regulations, standards, and best practices will be examined, related to infection control and healthy living.
  • The workplace sees a lot of collaboration with Health Environment Services professionals and other departments during the investigations, so students will take a communications course to improve, oral, written, and non-verbal communications
  • Problem-solving skills and math skills are important to resolve issues and anticipate problems before they turn into reality. Students can develop their skills in the Math Application for Environmental Services course.
  • The role of Environmental Services professionals will be examined, helping students connect their studies with real-life responsibilities.
  • Practical hands-on skills are developed in real-life settings during field placements. Students are hired in the Healthcare Environmental Services departments of hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

The extensive curriculum prepares students for realistic job scenarios and possible workplace issues. Centennial’s healthcare management program produced qualified graduates ready to start working in various healthcare settings in the environmental services area. Graduates continued their career paths onto hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, educational institutions, and residential and business property firms.

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