Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Design Foundations program develops student’s creative skills and art portfolio

Start your artistic endeavors by honing your skills and learning about new media and technologies in the creative field. An art design college in Toronto is ideal for learners who want to design a career with wide opportunities, giving them a chance to explore their creativity and apply them in practical settings. Centennial College created a balanced curriculum in its Art and Design Foundation Studies (6409) program, where students are taught traditional and digital art techniques while applying them in realistic projects.

Animation, gaming, graphic design, photojournalism, art curation, and other areas in art all start with art and design foundations. Students enrolled in the Art and Design Foundation Studies program learn art history and theory as well as a series of techniques in different media. Students can pursue a wide list of careers in various industries, such as Design Leads, Video Games Engineers, and Content Specialists.

The one-year program helps students to develop and enhance their artistic skills while earning a college certificate. Program highlights include the following learning experiences:

  • Design fundamentals will be applied to computer-based projects, involving the use of image editing, and illustration and page layout techniques.
  • Students will learn the creation of art, as well as accepting and forming critiques. Additionally, the will learn to express the meaning of their art work and conduct presentations.
  • By the end of the program, each student will have a full art portfolio to show potential employers. The portfolio can also be used to apply for a specialized art program. It will include different drawing techniques and digital design work.

Interested applicants can enroll in the program meeting eligibility and admission requirements. Here is what they are required to have:

  • Prospective students must acquire a copy of their secondary diploma and grade transcripts, or a high school diploma equivalent. Students, who are 19 years or older, may be eligible to directly apply once mature student status is accepted.
  • From the high school transcripts, a minimum grade in Grade 12 English, college or university level, is required.
  • A skills assessment test may be required, which examines various areas of English.
  • Attendance in the Art and Design Foundation Admission session is highly recommended. Information regarding the session will be mailed after the completion of their program application.
  • Students must have a creative flair. Drawing or computer skills may be a work in progress as this program will help them develop these skills.
  • A mobile computing device, such as a laptop or tablet, may be required. Students will get specific details to new students before they register for courses.

Art and Design Foundation students will graduate with the artistic competencies to continue their career path as skilled individuals, and be able to pursue opportunities in different areas. The design foundation from Centennial’s program provides an important basis of any work in the arts field, but also in job positions requiring creativity and design principles. Students who wish to continue their schooling can transfer their credits to one of Centennial’s university partners or easily be accepted in its art programs, such as Game Art and Design, Digital Animation, and Graphic Design Media.

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