Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Born to be a leader in the accounting profession

In many professions, a strategic and managerial perspective in your field of expertise is a sought-out skill by many employers. One focus of such advanced discipline is targeted in the accounting profession. A postgraduate program in strategic management in accounting can help any college and university graduate pursue a career in business and accounting.

The School of Business at Centennial College offers a graduate certificate program called Strategic Management – Accounting (2844). Its 12-course curriculum explores in-depth management operations in accounting, finance, and business. Further specialization in the field lets students choose two different course streams for each semester:

Semester 1
Students either take Marketing or Accounting for Managerial Decision Making for their sixth course. The first option will give students more knowledge outside of their field, while connecting it with the needs in accounting; meanwhile, the latter strengthens the student’s accounting management expertise by discussing the top decisions that executives undergo.

Semester 2
The choices for the second and final semester are either the Management & Leadership course or the Financial Management course. Both will broaden a student’s managerial perspective, but the first one emphasizes on business as a whole while the latter focuses strongly on the financial side of the business.

“The strategic management program has a comprehensive coverage of all key areas of management. It is delivered by top professors, with extensive business and executive management experience. We encourage lots of debates, research, and most of all, team collaboration,” says Centennial professor Joe Bajjani.

Of all the strategic management programs across Canada’s colleges, Centennial offers a distinct curriculum. Bajjani adds, “this program can be differentiated in terms of focus, content, target market, and flexibility.” Here are some of the program highlights:

  • The programs stays current, with the help of its advisory committee, and each student learns about the managerial and leadership practices, along with the current trends in the industry.
  • Each course involves a practical application component, where students engage in case studies and simulations to comprehend the complexity of their studies.
  • As a managerial course, students learn and gain hands-on experience with ERP systems (Enterprise resource planning systems), which is used to integrate all business functions.
  • Students pursuing their CGA (Certified General Accountants) designation will obtain a level four standing upon graduation.
  • Centennial graduates entered various work environments in the accounting profession, including those in government offices, public accounting firms, financial institutions, service industries, and in self-employment.

The Strategic Management – Accounting program and its extensive curriculum ensures that graduates are knowledgeable and confident that they can make strategic decisions for their future employers. Graduates not only advance in their CGA designation levels, but also advance in their field, acquiring higher job positions such as Accounting Managers, Business Analysts, and Assistant Controllers.

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