Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A wealth of benefits in taking financial training courses

The job market is tough in Canada, with plenty of unstable and unreliable sources of employment. In spite of it all, the Financial Services sector has seen continuous success and growth in years to come. It provides plenty of economic activity, with revenues flowing and jobs opening. Toronto is the country’s financial capital, with roughly 229,000 workers, as per the City of Toronto. It’s easy to enter a career in the financial sector, with the proper financial training that will help professionals acquire industry credentials and excel in a variety of financial functions and processes.

Established in the same city, Centennial College financial service training provides the academic and applied training in its Financial Services Fundamentals (2473) program. It connects students with the latest industry trends and professionals, guiding them towards a promising career.

“It’s an exciting program that provides students with the knowledge and abilities to go out and work for some of Canada’s greatest employers…We provide the fundamental skills in finance and financial services, how to understand financial products, how to present them to clients, and to generally excel in the field. This is a one-year program, providing a strong basis. Our graduates have been enjoying success in a wide range of occupations in financial services,” describes Tom Barker, a professor at Centennial.

The program has a wealth of benefits for its students including the following:

  • Students can choose to start their program in the fall, winter, or summer semester, giving flexibility and accommodating student needs.
  • The program is accessible to many students, even those who have yet to graduate high school. A secondary school diploma and minimum grades in senior English and math levels are required.
  • The curriculum is composed of business courses with a focus on financial training courses to better prepare students in the industry. Other courses include marketing, sales, and communications which is widely used in the client servicing in financial institutions.
  • The Job Search Skills course gives students a head start in their next step after graduation. The job application and interview process will be discussed and practiced through a mock interview.
  • Within two semesters, students can graduate and launch their career in the financial services sector.
  • An easy transition towards advanced education can be achieved by choosing from a list of financial management programs at Centennial.
  • Graduates are eligible to complete a certification course and become licensed to sell mutual funds.

Centennial graduates of the Financial Services Fundamentals program are set for a bright future in Canada’s major banks and financial institutions. Flexible options for higher education are available at the college, while students can get start working in the industry. Many graduates who chose to start their career have the financial knowledge and practical training for operations in banks, investment fund companies, credit unions, and financial planning organizations. They can progress opportunities in management from entry-level financial officer and customer service positions.

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