Monday, January 20, 2014

College orders practical training for students in Hospitality Services program

Customer service skills are valued in many work settings, but it has been a big part of the hospitality industry in the early days when companies have yet to discover the importance of customer satisfaction. Hospitality involves customer service in all of its operations, giving job seekers a wide array of career options. Kick start your career by taking an all-encompassing program in one year at Centennial College with its Hospitality Services program.

Centennial College is the right hospitality college to obtain your education. With its available resources and modern facilities, students can learn through peer tutoring services and real-life lab settings. Hospitality students are placed in Progress campus, where a student-run restaurant and a residence inn are located, so students can get hands-on experience during lab settings and through available part-time jobs.

The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture offer students with the opportunity to learn at a college level, while enhancing their aptitude for the hospitality industry. The hospitality courses in the curriculum covers hospitality operations in the front of the house area, kitchen and dining room operations, food and beverage, and housekeeping. Students will gain the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will learn how to engage with guests, before they enter the venue, from guest booking to reception to guest services. The Visitor Information Services and Front of the House Agent courses will provide detailed processes for common restaurant, hotel and other similar service operations, so students can apply it directly to the workplace upon graduation.

  • Many hospitality services involve an eatery, and students will learn to use the equipment and handling procedures of common restaurant facilities. In addition to food and beverage serving practices, students will learn kitchen etiquette, event planning, and common restaurant operations.

  • Being the frontline representatives of the organization means that hospitality workers are the organization’s ambassadors. Workers need to communicate effectively with their customers and colleagues. Therefore, students will learn communication techniques and basic math skills requires in hospitality services, in order to become a productive individual in the workplace.

  • This area of work requires individuals to master skills more so than memorize theories. Centennial provides plenty of applied training for students in the lab practice sessions. Furthermore, the Life Skills & Job Readiness course will help students prepare their resume and work portfolio when applying to targeted jobs in the industry.

  • In addition to the simulations and lab practices at Progress campus, students have two field placements during the two semesters of the program, where they will gain on-the-job training and networking opportunities.

Students learn relevant job skills at Centennial, which they can apply to various hospitality management positions. Graduates have been hired in various places such as Travel Lodge, Swiss Chalet, and Chart-wells with positions in administration, kitchen operations, and guest services. With the experience gained from the Hospitality Services program, graduates can many start entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry across Canada.

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