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Building a Career in Office Administration

Office administrative assistants play assistants to managers and top officials, supporting them in their daily operations. Although their job duties may seem clerical and routine activities but there is a high level of responsibility and confidentiality associated with the position. The professionals are responsible for ensuring effective and efficient operations by providing high level of administrative support to company officials.

The typical work activities of office administrative executives include:

  • Managing and maintaining managers’ or top officials’ schedules
  • Typing correspondence, reports and other documents
  • Maintaining records of confidential files
  • Preparing memos, letters, reports, financial statements and other documents using word processing, database, spreadsheets or presentation software
  • Opening and sorting incoming correspondence
  • Maintaining corporate documents, reports and records
  • Preparing responses to incoming correspondences containing routine inquiries
  • Taking minutes of meeting
  • Maintaining decisional records
  • Arranging conference calls
  • Carrying out researches whenever required
  • Assisting with the preparation of policies, rules and regulations and procedures

The exact roles and responsibilities may vary widely depending upon employment, officials they assist, and individual qualifications and experience.

Career Prospects

Career prospects are bright as most company officials and managers need assistants to support them in their daily functioning. The professionals can find employment practically in every industry. They can work as administrative assistants, administrative support officers, senior secretaries, executive secretaries, administrative associates, administrative services assistants, office managers, executive administrative assistants or administrative associates.

In order to assume these positions, the individuals need to
  • Have extensive software skills
  • Have internet search abilities
  • Be able to prepare presentations
  • Possess excellent communication skills
  • Have strong business writing skills
  • Have note-taking and related computer skills
  • Possess time management skills
  • Be a good supervisor and organizer
  • Know everything about document production

Employers are keen on hiring professionals who are well organized and energetic, experienced in handling office administration, and are ready to work in fast-paced business environment.

Office Administration - Executive Program

A formal education in office administration is the minimum requirement to seek entry-level jobs as administrative assistants. A post-secondary diploma can teach you how to handle the multiple functions performed by administrative support officers who work with upper-level management. The office administration - executive program is designed to help students gain a full range of office and business skills.
The program typically runs for two years and covers a wide range of subjects including
  • Communications
  • Microcomputers
  • Word processing applications
  • Transcription techniques
  • Financial procedures
  • Office procedures and communications
  • Accounting fundamentals
  • Executive office procedures
  • Integrated software applications
  • Computerized bookkeeping

The program combines classroom learning, hands-on-lab and a field placement to give students an opportunity to apply their learning into practice.

Admission Requirements

To apply for this program, you will need:
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent

Choosing the Right College

There are a number of office administration schools in Canada. Unfortunately, not all provide students with opportunities to work in real life settings, helping them gain work experience which is a necessary condition to seek entry-level jobs. Centennial College’s office administration – executive program incorporates a field placement to help students gain experience of working in a real world setting.

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