Monday, January 6, 2014

Benefits of a Postgraduate Strategic Management in Accounting Programs

A postgraduate certificate program in strategic management in accounting is designed to help students.

  • Deepen their understanding in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting, taxation and auditing
  • Gain a perspective on the organizational techniques required for the effective execution of strategic decisions
  • Gain an understanding of critical role that management leadership plays in growth of the business
  • Develop an expertise in crafting and executing financial strategies
  • Gain hands-on-exposure to the latest technology applications in the area of management information systems, including ERP
  • Earn CGA transfer credits (level four)

It is a short but intensive program that intends to help graduates get to the world of work faster and pursue employment sooner. Qualified graduates may also be eligible to apply their academic credits towards further study at a university.

Strategic Management Programs in Canada

Centennial College’s strategic management programs are designed to provide students with advanced financial management, accounting and strategic management expertise, in order to become successful in today’s complex business environment.

The one year programs cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Advanced managerial accounting
  • Accounting theory and policy
  • Advanced taxation
  • Information systems for business management
  • Operations management for products and services
  • Advanced auditing
  • Advanced financial management
  • Contemporary organizational behaviour
  • Crafting and executing strategy
  • Ethics and stakeholder management

The program combines in-class learning, extensive use of case studies and simulations, and a hands-on-exposure to the latest technology applications. Besides, there is a strong focus on leading-edge managerial and leadership practices of the best companies in the world.

Enrollment Guide

In order to apply for a program in strategic management – accounting, you will need:

  • College diploma or university degree in an accounting discipline
  • A proof of English proficiency
  • Relevant work experience (for applicants with partial post-secondary education)
  • Evaluation of college and university transcript by CGA Ontario and/or CGA International (for applicants interested in finding the appropriate placement level in the CGA program)

Career Prospects

The graduates of a strategic management – accounting program may find employment as accounting supervisors, accounting managers, assistant controllers, controllers or business analysts in a variety of industries including:

  • Financial institutions
  • Small businesses
  • Government offices
  • Public accounting firms
  • Service industries
  • Manufacturing industries

Apart from this, they can choose to be self employed.

Job Description

Accounting supervisors or controllers may be involved in numerous accounting, financial and supervisory functions. However, their typical work activities include:

  • Running the accounting department smoothly
  • Delegating duties to accounting department workers
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Carrying out financial auditing to assess the accuracy of accounting data
  • Communicating with outside financial institutions, such as banks
  • Preparing job schedules for accounting department workers
  • Maintaining the compliance with accounting practice laws and regulations
  • Coordinating with other departments regarding expenses
  • Monitoring cash requirements
  • Approving cash disbursement

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