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Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Information Sciences – Computer and Communication Networks

The modern world runs on computer and communication networks. Nearly every organization uses some level of cellular networks, wireless systems, VoIP or other computer and communications technology to conduct business. But without developing, installing, testing and maintaining these networks, it would never be possible for anyone to deploy the advanced technology. The information cannot be tapped and shared beyond the walls of an organization, had computer and communications networking professionals not been there.

The IT professionals with computer networking skills are required practically in all the organizations across all industry verticals, regardless of the size, nature and location of their business. This has resulted in a significant increase in the job opportunities for professionals who have knowledge and skills to keep the modern world running along smoothly. Employers are keen on hiring professionals who can create, install, troubleshoot and maintain software and hardware used to collect and transfer and manage information.

 Bachelor’s of Applied Information Sciences in Canada

In order to cater for the industry need for networking professionals in Ontario, Centennial College delivers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in applied information sciences – computer and communication networks. It is the only post-secondary institution in the state of Ontario to offer a bachelor’s degree program in Computer and Communication Networks. The program has been selected by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Program Details

The four-year program covers a wide range of basic and advanced subjects, helping students develop strong fundamentals and advanced understanding of computer networks. It covers technical subjects, including:

  • Computer network fundamentals
  • Computer architecture
  • Website design and development
  • Operating systems fundamentals
  • LAN switching and routing
  • Software development programming fundamentals
  • Network operating systems
  • WAN technologies
  • Database design and modeling
  • Principles of computer and network security
  • Communication technology
  • Database driven web applications
  • Wireless networks
  • Voice systems and services
  • Network management
  • Voice/IP convergence

It also covers various other subjects including business and management fundamentals, English and communication skills, problem-solving strategies, economics, financial analysis, mathematics, statistics and research methods, organizational and client relationships, entrepreneurship, and management of change and innovation to help students build strong fundamentals.

The program is a combination of computer networking training and business communication course. It combines classroom learning, hands-on lab, and a co-op working term.

After Course Completion

The graduates of this program can pursue careers as IT project managers, technical account managers, business account managers, network administrators, network analysts, network support, security analysts and project management analysts. They can also choose to apply their academic credits towards further studies at the university.

Those who are interested in becoming teachers can apply in the third year of the program for a Concurrent Bachelor of Education program offered at the college in partnership with the York University. They will be required to earn a minimum of 3.0 GPA, to be admitted into work placement, to possess related experience (as a classroom volunteer, coach or camp counsellor) and to submit a personal statement and two letters of reference. They will also have to undergo a personal interview.

Admission Prerequisites

To apply for a bachelor’s degree in computer and communication networks, students will need to meet following prerequisites.

High School Applicants

  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • English Grade 12 University with scores 65 % or higher
  • One Grade 12 Mathematics (Math Grade 12U Advanced Functions or Math Grade 12U calculus and Vectors or Math Grade 12U with Mathematics of Data Management or equivalent) with grade 60% or higher
  • Six Grade 12 U, Grade 12M, or OAC credits with an overall average of 65% or higher

Mature Applicants

  • Be 21 years or older by December 31 of the program year
  • Provide transcripts showing English Grade 12U, OAC or equivalent and Mathematics Grade 12U, 12M or equivalent
  • Complete academic history

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