Monday, December 9, 2013

Research & Analytics: Become an Essential Part of Managerial Decision Making in Marketing

The field of Marketing Research Analytics at Centennial College is a subdivision in marketing that is concerned with obtaining specific information from a target audience through analytic systems and tools that track results of communications tactics and from various sources that provide general audience insights. The goal of this field is to help marketers make effective decisions that will attract a greater client base and deepen existing client relationships.

At Centennial College, students who already possess a college diploma or university degree may learn the techniques used to data mine and extract valuable knowledge about competitors and customers in a market setting through the Marketing – Research & Analytics program.

One of the most appealing aspects of this training is that it only takes two semesters to prepare students for roles that include: marketing research analyst, web marketing analyst, CRM analyst, direct response analyst, online marketing analyst, data and analytics specialist, business analytics specialist, loyalty program analyst, sales data analyst, and marketing strategy analysts. Such professionals are hired by marketing firms, organizations with in-house analytical and research functions, especially those that are mid-to-large sized; companies specializing in direct marketing, mobile marketing and e-marketing; and loyalty program management companies.

Grads are able to apply for such a wide range of positions in such diverse areas thanks to the knowledge they gain in research methods, creating effective surveys, statistical analysis, industry trends and consumer behavior. These skills are taught through a mixture of lectures and labs, which expose students to leading research and analytics software solutions SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner. Students also have access to facilities at Progress Campus, which houses all School of Business programs that include computer labs with the full suite of Microsoft products including: Microsoft CRM, Excel and PowerPoint. Aside from computer training, hands-on learning that employs case studies, simulations and project-based education is also provided in questionnaire design, data manipulation and quality control, creation of statistical output and development of programs. The goal of all hands-on learning is to ensure that students become comfortable with project management, teamwork, analytical and report writing and presentation skills.

The ultimate hands-on experience of the program is provided in the marketing research course called Research and Analytics – Capstone. This is essentially a project that integrates and applies everything students have learned in their courses, which include: Marketing, Marketing Analysis and Planning, Database Mining and Analytics, Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics, Fundamentals of Interactive Marketing, Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics and more.

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