Friday, December 6, 2013

A Quick Guide on English Language Program for Academic Purposes

English is either the official or second language in most of the countries across the globe. It’s the dominant language and in most instances it is the required language of communication, both nationally and internationally.

Its spread has been significantly accelerated across the planet for past few decades. In most countries around the world, English is a major element of school education. A working knowledge of English is considered as a basic necessity, while advanced knowledge and skills can work wonders in your professional life.

Not only this, even if you’re planning to seek admission in a University in an English speaking country, for instance Canada, having good knowledge of English language is an important admission requirement. So, if you feel that your basic English writing and speaking skills are not up to the mark, an English language program can be of help.

What Exactly is an English Language Program?
An English Language Course for academic purposes is a post-secondary certificate program that aims to help students build English skills for fulfilling admission requirements in a college or university in Canada. It’s a full time, intensive program focusing on developing English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through classroom lectures, interactive exercises, presentations, group work, workshops, computer labs and communicative activities.

The duration of the program ranges from one to three semesters, depending upon your English language skills. There are three different levels – one, two and three and students are placed in one of these levels depending upon their placement test results.

Level 1 focuses on building basic language skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking. Level 2 emphasizes on ESL reading techniques, guided writing, speaking techniques and the Canadian context, whereas Level 3 accentuates reading college-level texts, classroom communication, approaches to English communication and a wellness approach to stress management.

Students achieving grade B or higher in level 3 are considered to have met the College English requirements for seeking admission in a particular post-secondary course. A certificate is also given after the successful completion of the program, which can act as a proof of your English language skills.

How Does the Course Help?

The ESL programs offer numerous benefits to students, such as
  • Understanding of Canadian English Environment
  • Building basic English language skills
  • Developing academic study skills
  • Learning to use multimedia ESL software in scheduled lab classes
  • Receiving academic advising for enrolling into colleges in Canada
  • Earning a college credit in Level 3 for applying to further study at the college in Canada
  • Receiving a certificate after successful completion of Level 3
Who Should Opt for This Program?

The ESL program Toronto suits the needs of high school students who :
  • Lack in basic English language skills
  • Want to upgrade their English reading and writing skills
  • Miss English language requirements for admission in a college or university in Toronto (Canada)
  • Lack confidence when speaking or interacting in English
You need to fulfill a few basic education requirements to apply for the course. Canadian students need to furnish a secondary school diploma or equivalent along with completing a specialized English Placement Assessment to determine the EAP program placement.
If you’re an international student, you need to obtain minimum fixed scores (vary from college to college) in English language by taking TOEFL, iBT or IELTs.

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