Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A college Software System Design degree program puts practical experience as top priority

Once upon a time, a Bachelor’s degree only means attending a university in Canada. The divide between university and college is diminishing as colleges offer outstanding diploma programs with practical experience from in-class lessons and work placements. Now, colleges offer degree programs in various disciplines, including the increasingly demanding career in software system design.

As our world depends more on technology than ever before, the drive to create more jobs increases. Centennial College anticipated the need for a proper education and created the Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences - Software Systems Design program. This four-year degree program is part of the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science and its endeavor to produce skilled software engineers. In order for Centennial to achieve this success, it offers a stellar curriculum with plenty of hands-on training.Here are the key benefits of the program:

  • The program is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) ISTAC, ensuring that the course materials meet the standards of the IT (Information Technology) industry. In addition, students are eligible for the CIPS membership application.

  • Advanced lectures on software standards and management are taught by qualified and experienced faculty members. In addition, many courses have lab sections, ensuring the theory is always tied with applied learning.

  • Projects and assignments are based on realistic business cases, enabling students to develop critical-thinking and problem solving skills in software systems development. There are three major software development projects that helps students enhance their business acumen and technological skills.

  • A mandatory co-op work term is in place, not only to give students further hands-on training, but experience on-the-job, interacting with various professionals, working in the industry, and solving real-life issues.

  • Students have the choice to specialize in the today’s attractive IT sector with the mobile application development stream or in the service oriented architecture and cloud computing stream.

The Software System Design at Centennial College is accessible to many students who are in need to a good education. Here are the admission requirements for various student groups:

  • High school applicants: For those who wish to enter the program without a postsecondary education or one with no relation to software-building programs, a secondary school diploma with good standings is required. Senior credits in English and Math at a university level from high school must be at least average or in the C grade levels.

  • Postsecondary student applicants: If students hold a diploma in a related field, such as a computer programmingdiploma, then they may be eligible to complete the Software Systems Design degree program within two years. High school and college transcripts will be reviewed.

  • Mature applicants: Unlike many programs, which accept mature students from 19 years of age, the mature student status of this program must be at least 21 years old. Applicantswill be assessed individually, based on their secondary school credits, academic history, and work experience.

The Software Systems Design programat Centennial provides an applied learning experience that students do not get in many universities. Particularly, Centennial emphasizes on a hands-on approach, enabling students to gain a high competency in their field. The graduates of this Information Sciences program have found much success as Software Developers, Software engineers, Systems Analysts, Mobile application Developers, and IT project managers.

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