Monday, November 25, 2013

Worlds collide as students learn in the international business program

Look around your home, school, or work and try to find some products made locally or within the country. This search may seem like a challenging task because many of our possessions are manufactured internationally. Globalization helped made international trade possible and easier, but it’s not only products that are exchanged. Ideas and perspectives from around the world assist in the creation and innovation or products and processes here in Canada. If you want to learn more about this exciting field, enrol in international business programs at Centennial College.

International business deals with every aspect of business on a global level, from operations to finance to marketing. Interested learners can opt for a quick two years of studies, while obtaining high-quality education at a local college in Toronto. Centennial College offers the Business - International Business (2809) program for all three program start dates in the fall, winter, and summer semesters at their main campus. All students are welcome, may they be interested in business or other fields that may have an impact of international relations.

The Business - International Business program offers the academic training needed for an entry-level position in multinational companies, stationed in Canada and abroad. It teaches relevant international business courses, each led by knowledgeable professors with field experience to share with their students. Listed below are some of the key learning outcomes:

  • International business concepts, including foreign direct investments, international trade, ethical dilemmas , outsourcing, political and economic benefits, foreign expansion, and human resources and expatriation

  • Customs services and compliance, where students will learn about excise laws, tariffs, and customs documentation and will apply their knowledge in creating an export plan involving permits and documentation

  • Global logistics, including the regulations, equipment, technologies, and navigation in the world’s major trade channels

  • Ability to calculate chargeable truck freight weight and unit load device volume, complete various forms of bill of lading forms, and use proper transportation terminologies

  • Perform research, analysis and reporting, with a focus on arithmetical, statistical and financial analysis computations

  • Marketing principles, such as segmentation and the marketing mix, as applied to international business; also involves strategies to enter a foreign market and the creation of an international marketing plan

With the knowledge and applications of industry practices involved in each course of the Business - International Business program, students will learn the fundamentals and ways to apply it in several business situations. Centennial’s international business program provides the academic training needed for new graduates to enter a global business enterprise, with opportunities to connect with world leaders and possibly work abroad.

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