Monday, November 25, 2013

Want to Build a Career in Public Relations - Heres What You Need

Working as reputation advocates for organizations and helping them build and maintain positive relationships with public sounds fascinating. But the truth is that it requires a lot of hard work, smart decision making, strong interpersonal skills and thorough knowledge of business environment and law. 

PR professionals are some of the most talented people around who know how to build relationships, handle controversies and promote businesses. They handle a variety of organizational functions including consumer relations, government relations, investor relations, employee relations, media relations, conflict mediation, promotional campaigns and many others.

They are generally employed with public relations agencies, digital marketing companies, corporate houses, investor relations departments, corporate communications departments, non-profit organizations and any other business for that matter.

Being a public relations secretary or manager or playing assistant to PR managers or working in this field at any level definitely has its own perk. But it’s not for everyone. It is for those who have an in-depth understanding of the complex world in which businesses operate and skills to navigate through criticism and critical rapport-building skills.

Building a Career in Public Relations

If you have a strong desire for building a career in public relations, you need to begin early. Enrolling in a public relations degree after completing high school marks the beginning of your career in this field. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. Competition is fierce.

In order to enroll into a bachelor of public relations program in Toronto, you need to
  • Fulfill minimum eligibility requirements
  • Complete a writing test
  • Provide a resume detailing relevant work experience
  • Submit a letter of intent explaining the reason for applying

The minimum eligibility criteria for applying for PR programs Toronto include:
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • At least six Grade 12 U, Grade 12 M or OAC credits with an overall average of 65 percent or higher
  • English Grade 12 U with final grade 70 percent or higher
  • Math Grade 12 U with final grade 65 percent or higher

You will also need to complete a writing test if you are found eligible for the program. This will be a decisive factor.

Choosing the Right College

There are many colleges in Toronto that offer public relations courses. The basic curriculum of the programs remains the same. However, you may find a difference in application procedures, hands-on-experience and field placement opportunities.

Not all public relations programs offer you the required industry exposure, opportunities to manage real world projects and chances to work with companies. It’s really important to choose the right college that offers more targeted education and practical experience.

A program in public relations helps you
  • Develop thorough understanding of public relations industry
  • Build critical skills for professional writing
  • Learn key business skills to gain a competitive edge in the industry
  • Understand the concepts of global citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility and Media Communications
  • Learn skills to navigate digital world

You are prepared to work in diverse range of careers in different industries. The job of a PR professional is extremely demanding. You can build a rewarding career if you have a desire to learn continuously and an ability to adapt to changes quickly.

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