Thursday, November 14, 2013

Software Engineering Technology program paves way for game design

Canada's video game industry is flourishing which generated 16,500 full-time jobs, featured in a Toronto Star article, according to a study commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada. A leading career in the video game industry is the software geniuses behind the programs and coding. According to Service Canada, a game design program at a community college is sufficient to become Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers. These programmers and developers can take on job titles such as Software Developers, Web Application Developers, and Game Programmers, within the video game industry as well as other industries including retail, financial services, and telecommunications.

Service Canada notes that the electronics games industry has a prosperous growth in the upcoming years. A college in Toronto has seen success with its graduates with four out of five graduates who sought employment after the 2012 graduation are working in a career-related area. These alumni graduated from the Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming (Co-op) (3119) at Centennial College. The program comprises of three years intensive classroom and lab training plus three semesters of co-operative education in a relevant job position at a business employer.

Graduates of this program have the technical and soft business skills sought after by employers. They will have learned valuable knowledge and skills from their training at school and at co-op placements. They will enjoy the benefits as software engineers and developers and the benefits in the video games industry. In addition, Centennial College graduates will enjoy the following advancements :-
  • Graduate from an accredited program by The Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) and the Canadian Council of Technician and Technologies (CCTT), enabling students to apply for certified membership to either CIPS or their provincial engineering technology association.
  • On-going mentorship from industry experts who taught the students during their schooling
  • One year of solid experience related to the career, leading to better job prospects and higher career expectations
  • Experience in software testing and quality assurance using various tools to have the capability in dealing with the test process, test design techniques, and test management.
  • Advance mathematicalabilities in discrete mathematics and linear algebra and statistics which are needed in this career area filled with series of coding and mathematical equations
  • Interactive gaming skills and techniques, enabling students to develop and test simple multi-player networked games
  • A portfolio consisting of various projects, including one from the capstone course where a group of students worked to design and implement a game or application for a real company
The Software Engineering Technology - Interactive Gaming (Co-op) program at Centennial College connects with the industry needs by teaching students various aspects as software engineers and developers, with a focus on the video game industry. This game design course is offered with a co-op option, delivering further hands-on training and practical experience on the job environment. It is open for enrollment for the fall and winter intake at the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at the college's main site at Progress campus.

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