Monday, November 25, 2013

Pre Health Program Helps You Make the Right Career Choice

The post-secondary pre-health program is designed to help students in exploring various science programs and choosing the most suitable academic pathway. The program aims to equip students with know-how that they need to enroll in a science course that best suits their interests and career goals.

The one-year diploma program offers a solid foundation to students by introducing them to a range of science subjects while even focusing on computer education and communication skills. The benefit of this program is that you can directly enroll into a practical nursing or pharmacy technician program on its completion.

Who Should Enroll in a Pre-Health Science Program?

  • You're unsure of which science program to choose from among practical nursing, pharmacy technician and transportation
  • You don't have academic qualifications to enroll in a science program of your choice in a college
  • You haven't studied any science subjects in high school and are not eligible to post-secondary science programs
  • You're not eligible to seek admission in a science course after completing high school

Students completing this diploma course stand eligible to transfer directly into practical nursing, pharmacy technician and transportation programs.

About Pre-Health Programs

The one-year pre-health programs cover five subjects in each semester, exposing you to various subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics and computers and communication for healthcare professionals in the first semester. The program combines classroom learning, question and answer sessions and group discussions on various related topics. The aim is to help students develop strong foundation based on understanding of human physiology and psychology instead of memorization.

In the second semester, the focus is more on pre-anatomy, physiology and developmental psychology. The healthcare professionals also need to possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, as they have to deal with people on daily basis. This is why communication remains the main subject in both the semesters. In addition, you also study chemistry and mathematics on more advanced level.

Enrolling into a Pre-Health Program

In order to apply for a pre-health program, you will need:
  • Secondary school diploma or equivalent or mature student status (19 years or older)
  • English Grade 12 C or University or equivalent
  • Mathematics Grade 11 M or 12 C or University or equivalent

In case you don't meet possess required qualifications in English and mathematics, you can appear take English and Math skills assessment with the college you're seeking admission in.

With a certificate in pre-health science, you are eligible to seek admission in a three-year diploma or four-year degree course in nursing and pharmacy.

Who is Eligible to Enroll in This Program?
You are eligible to enroll in this program
  • If you have completed your high school
  • Even if you are currently attending high school. In this case, your midterm and final grades will automatically be transferred to the college where you seek admission
  • If you have completed high school even without studying any of the science subjects

The program offers you in-depth understanding of working of human body and mind. Along with this, you gain clarity on which program to choose for further studies.

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