Monday, November 11, 2013

It Takes Just One Year at Centennial College to be prepared for Marketing Field Success

Marketing research analysts, web marketing analysts, CRM analysts, direct response analysts, online marketing analysts, and data and analytic specialists, business analytic specialists, loyalty program analysts, sales data analysts and marketing strategy analysts all start out as students of Marketing Research Analytics in Canada programs, such as Centennial College’s.

Here’s what you need to know about this one-year (two semesters) undertaking.

  • The program is geared towards students with “mature student” status and results in an Ontario College Graduate Certificate.

  • Academically, applicants must have a college diploma or university degree in any discipline.

  • Also considered for admission into undertaking will be applicants who have partial post-secondary and relevant work experience (transcript and resume review is required).

  • Applicants may be asked to prove English proficiency and provide an assessment of numeracy skills.

  • Students learn the techniques used to determine and extract valuable knowledge about competitors and customers in a market setting.

  • The structure of the program sees students partaking in marketing research courses that are a mix of lectures and labs.

  • Specific courses include: Marketing Analysis and Planning, Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics, Statistics for Marketing Research, Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics, Database Mining and Analytics and more.

  • In the Centennial College computer labs, students become familiar with SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner — leading software solutions used in the Marketing Research and Analytics fields.

  • Computer labs at Centennial College also give students access to full suite of Microsoft products, including: Microsoft CRM, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • In addition to software, students practice questionnaire design, data manipulation and quality control, creation of statistical output and development of programs.

  • Students learn through project-based learning that involves case studies, and simulations that help them develop project management, teamwork, analytical and report writing and presentation skills.

  • Through a Capstone project in the second semester, students are able to employ all of the skills they gained.

  • Once they complete every marketing research course in Toronto, qualified students may take advantage of Centennial College’s partnership with Davenport University, which allows them to apply academic credit towards further study.

  • Students are also fully prepared to work with organizations with in-house analytical and research functions, especially those that are mid-to-large sized; marketing research firms, companies specializing in direct marketing, mobile marketing and e-marketing; and loyalty program management companies.

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