Monday, November 11, 2013

Health and wellness advocates take over the corporate world

Sitting in the office for eight hours a day is more dangerous than you may think. The neck and eye strains of staring at a computer all day, the finger cramps from the data entry, and the weight gained from being too inactive for most of your day, every day. No matter where you work, there would be some form of work hazards that can pose risks to your health. But don’t quit your day job. A health and wellness programs in Canada will help prevent those risks and mitigate the stress from the job.

Human Resources tend to employee needs, including their health and safety, but a new group of professionals are rising to focus specifically on the well-being of individuals in an organization. The Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion (1213) program at Centennial College was created to reach the demand of workplace wellness programs, including the assessment of hazards and development of wellness strategies. This graduate certificate program offers a career as a health promotion consultant and wellness advocates in the corporate world and community organizations.

Aside from the growing demand of this profession, there are plenty of reasons why you would consider this career. Many individuals put health in their top priority, so health and wellness transcends across all borders to different companies and industries. This postgraduate program at Centennial prepares the learners to be job-ready within eight months with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Health and safety factors in organizations and cultural diversity, affecting the individual’s job performance and well-being

  • Strategic thinking for the creation and implementation of various workplace wellness programs

  • Effective coaching skills, with practice with real-life client on assessing his or her needs and developing a personalized wellness plan for that individual in his or her workplace

  • Quantitative and qualitative research as it pertains to health and wellness, evaluating research studies and identifying gaps and solutions to different workplace scenarios

  • The job prospects and skill requirements of the industry are explored with industry professionals invited as guest speakers in the classroom.

  • Enhanced skills and on-the-job training through the field placement in which students demonstrate their classroom knowledge and practice ethical and proper work procedures

The Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion program targets healthcare grads, Human Resources majors, and business management professionals. However, the Centennial College’s health promotion program welcomes any post secondary school graduate at any discipline. Centennial College provides adept training while following a curriculum that will see growth for each individual on their personal level of learning. Its instructors, also active on their field of expertise, trains and mentors the young minds of students instills career-focused knowledge and skills needed in the workplace.

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