Monday, November 11, 2013

Gain an Art and Design Foundation in Two Semesters

In just two semesters, students of Art and Design Foundation at Centennial College are exposed to all forms and levels of visual art, which results in an Ontario College Certificate and a comprehensive portfolio of artwork required for admission to specialized arts programs. The goal of the Art and Design Foundation Studies program is to prepare students for program such as Digital Animation, Interactive Digital Media, Fine Arts Studio, Game Design, Graphic Design-Media, and Product & Industrial Design.

To successfully prepare students for such a range of options, courses cover a numerous topics such as life drawing and design, digital imaging, interactive design and digital media complemented with a practical understanding of drawing, color theory and 3D art and design. All courses feature hands-on components in the college’s Center for Creative Communication, which boasts a cultural and artistic centre and offers extensive facilities.

Digital Imaging: As an introduction to creative photography as applied to digital imaging, students of this course have the opportunity to produce their own photographic images using films and digital cameras. They also learn to edit and manipulate images using the on-campus software such as the Macintosh operating system and Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing: Offered as two courses, this aspect of Design Studies first looks at drawing the human figure and involves fine art and technical approaches. Using the campus’s art studios, students develop drawing skills in a number of media and to apply traditional freehand drawing techniques. The second of the two courses, meanwhile, emphasizes perspective drawing, illustration and basic rendering.

Digital Art & Design Studio: This course introduces students to digital media. As such, students learn about image editing, illustration and page layout techniques. Introduction to web-design and animation and multimedia design is also an important part of this course.

Time-based Art & Design: This 15-week Art Design College in Toronto includes two electives, with students choosing one. Both electives provide students with a foundation in story telling and story development and story boarding. Emphasis is placed upon communication principles and teamwork.

Professional Practice: A portfolio is essential to those entering creative fields. Students to compile a portfolio of artwork based on principles and elements developed in a Portfolio Development course. A self-directed personal assignment is included in a comprehensive portfolio of artwork. Individual interviews prepare students for presentations and further interviews.

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