Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Food Service Worker program is flexible for students, part-time workers, and professionals

Are you ready to jump in to your career but want a post secondary education? A promising career in the healthcare sector calls for a food service degree in Toronto which can be completed in one semester at a community college. The Food Service Worker (1620) program at Centennial College prepares graduates for the responsibilities within a healthcare food service setting. It's 15 weeks of learning comprises of relevant courses, including a 16-hour weekly food service worker placement.

The program requires a degree of discipline and skill from students which will be developed in the short time prior to entering the job market. Here are some program highlights:

  • Workplace operations in healthcare settings in food service will be explored, including quality management, food preparation, risk management, ethical issues, and health compliance.

  • Customer service practices, including customer relationship management and patience care communication methods

  • Safe and ethical work procedures with topics in personal hygiene, workplace hazardous materials and information systems, food borne illness, and safe food handling techniques

  • Therapeutic and texture modification in food as required by diets of certain clients

  • Menu planning principles to provide the aptitude to prepare healthy and nutritious meals

  • Kitchen operations with emphasis on waste management, food procurement, food preparation and production, food service roles, and proper equipment handling and maintenance

  • On-the-job training in the food service work placement

  • A food handler’s certificate equivalent, called the Train Can Basics.first Food Safety Certificate, will be obtained by students.

The program caters to the diverse needs of individuals who may require flexibility and different course in training. High school graduates, part-time employees in the food service industry and healthcare sector, and anyone interested in the field are ideal for the program. Courses can be taken in physical classrooms, online, off-site, fast-track, and in an accelerated format. Centennial College offers a variety of format for students to graduate with an Ontario College Certificate in the Food Service Worker program:

  • A full-time semester program: Eleven weeks of on-campus courses, three days a week, starting in the fall or winter intake at Morning side campus, followed by four weeks of field placement, occurring twice a week

  • Continuous intake model route: This full-time model route of the Food Service Worker program can be completed faster than the regular full-time program, where students can save time by getting into the field faster, with the same skills and knowledge obtained at the college.

  • A part-time model route in distance learning: Students can participate and engage in course learning through the comfort of their own home, done at their own pace, in this pert-time, online model route.

  • A part-time, off-site learning: Students will save their commute time to school, while learning relevant course materials at home or their choice of place of studies. This off-campus method can be done offline with course materials mailed to students.

Centennial College wants you to have a professional job with growth and career opportunities ahead. The Food Service Worker program offers a short time of one semester or less of schooling to obtain a certificate and work in various healthcare settings that can be found in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and in-home services. The program caters to students’ individual needs with its flexibility in teaching, on campus, off-site, or online, and at different pace as accelerated, fast-track, or part-time learning.

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