Monday, November 18, 2013

A Quick Overview of a Professional Baking Program

A two-year postsecondary diploma in baking – pastry arts management is one-of-a-kind program that provides students the best of two worlds – baking and business skills to manage commercial bakery outlets. It is designed to help those students who want to turn their passion and love for baking into rewarding careers.

The program helps students to acquire skills necessary to successfully manage and operate bakeries in hotels, resorts, restaurants, departmental stores, supermarkets and in other food-related businesses. The graduates are also able to effectively manage retail bakeries as well as start their own bakery business.

A baking program generally runs for two years and focuses on helping students develop baking skills required to produce bulk/commercial quantities of pastries, cookies, cakes, desserts, Danish and puff pastries, sweet dough, savoury and breads and rolls. You also learn the techniques and methods to store and manage the bulk produce.

In addition, on the business side the emphasis is placed on helping students learn about
  • Purchasing and storage of materials
  • Bulk production
  • Product cost control
  • Labour cost control
  • Supervision in kitchen
  • Presentation and communication
  • Business planning
  • Product marketing
  • Personnel hiring and management
  • Report writing
The program also covers sanitation, safety and hygiene while baking, storing and serving the bakery items. Besides, the students are also taught about principles and practices of food and nutrition.

The baking arts management program in Toronto is a comprehensive course that combines classroom learning, hands-on-lab and field placement. You get a lot of opportunities to apply your classroom learning into practice. Under the guidance of professionals, you perfect the art of baking and the science of quantity production, ready to assume the positions related to running, operating and managing bakery in establishments in food, hospitality and catering industries.

Education Prerequisites

Although you don’t require any specific skills to enroll in a baking – pastry arts management course but you will need to fulfill basic eligibility criteria which include:
  • Secondary School Diploma
  • English Grade 12 C or University scores/certificate
Students currently appearing in high schools can also apply for this course. However, if you already have attended one year baking – commercial bakeries diploma program, you can directly enter semester 3 of this program.

Course Topics

A diploma program in baking – pastry arts management covers a wide range of subjects including computing, hospitality accounting, mathematics for hospitality, baking and pastry arts, hospitality management, commercial purchasing and storage, nutrition for culinarians and marketing strategies.

The first semester focuses on helping students gain basic understanding of bakery business in Canada, not just baking. You will get to know about ingredients, their importance and utility in depth. In the second semester, the focus is on effective use of ingredients and flavours to produce quantity without compromising on quality.

The third semester is dedicated to help you learn about nutrition, health regulations, personnel management, kitchen supervision and career planning. In the fourth semester, you’ll undergo intense field training. It will be a decisive factor for you career after completion of the course as experts review your performance.
A postsecondary diploma in baking – pastry arts management opens doors to many career options with job titles as bakery manager, pastry chef, dessert caterer, pastry department manager. Graduates can also consider establishing their own small bakery outlet.

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