Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Massage Therapy program relieves stress off students

What do you think about when you hear the word "massage?" Relaxation, spa, therapy, healing, and health may come to mind. Massage is more than a form of leisure and entertainment but also a practice in the well-being of one's physical and mental state. Massage therapy is a discipline for the techniques in soothing layers of muscles through various movements, resulting in improved circulation and pain and muscle tension reliever.

Registered massage therapists perform the duties in rejuvenating and healing process in massage therapy. Practitioners go through massage therapy training before applying for their licence and joining the professional work environment. They are in physical contact with clients so courtesy and discretion are traits to have along with manual dexterity and flawless techniques.
Massage therapy can cross over to different situations. Employment in this discipline is expected to be in demand as the population ages and people's perceptions in healthy living shifts to healthier choices and practices. Depending on the job setting and company, wages and salaries differ but can have a minimum $30 hourly rate after having completed a massage therapy program with experience as an asset. Payment can also be based on commission, mileage or performance. Most massage therapy professionals are also entrepreneurs! They enjoy the freedom of scheduling and greater profits.

In Ontario, massage therapy is a regulated environment. Therefore, all practitioners must be licensed. A good way to train for the examination and get in the industry associations is to enrol in a certified program. Centennial College offers the three-year Massage Therapy (5110) program at its Morningside Campus for students wishing to pursue this path in healthcare. Massage therapy students can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Combination of the theoretical component of massage therapy and its application in the Massage Theory and Practice course, offered in all six semesters
  • Clinical practicum experience from semester three to six, progressively learning new skills and techniques
  • Competency in prescribing remedial exercises and specific treatment plans
  • Informed career path with business skills for professional and independent practice
  • Qualification for the certification examinations offered by Ontario's regulatory body, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
This exciting program in the School of Community and Health Studies utilizes advanced facilities for labs and clinical practice. Program faculty, Lori Copeland describes the hydrotherapy room as a place where students can practice the heat and cold treatments. Steam cabinets, whirlpools, stretching mats, and balance balls are conveniently placed here as well to assist in exercise treatments. Students need not stress in the abundance of theory learned since the techniques are practiced frequently in lab settings. Centennial’s Massage Therapy Public Clinic consists of Massage Therapy students who are supervised by Registered Massage Therapists. This entitles the public with a preview of Centennial's success, while enhancing the students’ skills and comfort in interacting with clients.

The massage therapy courses offered by Centennial College in the Massage Therapy program produce skilled and qualified graduates, waiting to launch their careers in healthcare. Graduate success consistently remains high in this program as students embark on entrepreneurship and employment in massage therapy clinics.

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