Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hone your “Sales Skills” with a comprehensive Sales Account Management Program

Sales is more than selling products. It’s about the conversations with clients and the management of their accounts which leads to meaningful, long-term business relationships. The business world has evolved from a product-oriented mentality to a more profitable and better client-business relationship with the customer-oriented mindset. Effective sales professionals know the importance of an account management program and how to identify feasible customers and attract them appropriately with customer needs in mind.

Do you have the right attitude to start a career in sales? Patience, communication skills, and the can-do attitude will ease your work but the knowledge acquired in a sales account management program is valuable in your path to career success. The Graduate Certificate program at Centennial College, called Marketing- Sales and Account Management (2846), offers specialized strategic and management training, including an on-the-job experience, in a short matter of two semesters. Advanced courses in marketing, selling, business presentation, project management, and case analysis are undertaken in the first half of the curriculum, providing the meaning of “value added selling” and preparing for account management classes in the second semester. Courses such as Strategic Account Development, Sales and Account Management, and B2B Marketing broaden the students’ knowledge to focus on relationships in customer and business selling situations.

In order to add value to the program and increase the technical skills gap of graduates and workers, Centennial created the Salesforce Automation and Technology course to further enhance the customer relationship management (CRM) philosophy through the use of a CRM software called MS Dynamics CRM Software. This is where potential customers can be analyzed and also where current customer database are held for record-keeping report generation to identify customer needs and provide better service. Students will utilize the Microsoft Excel program to explore and analyze databases, data mining, and data analytics and interpret the results and develop proper customer engagement activities.

Before sending the students to the workforce, they complete the Employment Preparedness course and Sales and Account Management Placement. These courses will give them a head start in identifying career paths and preparing a portfolio while gaining hands-on training in a meaningful account management internship position. Professional networking site, LinkedIn, will be utilized as a marketing tool in addition to resumes.

Graduates of the Sales and Account Management program can expect positions as Sales Consultants, Technical Sales Representatives, Account Executives, and Territory Sales Representatives within medium to large-sized firms, including the prosperous business-to-business (B2B) salesforce.  These positions are available in many industries including advertising, transportation, retail, medical field, pharmaceutical field, and technological fields. Salary expectations are generous with bonuses and incentives given to sales personnel, depending on their achievements and contributions to company growth.

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