Thursday, October 31, 2013

Give a Thrust to your Career in creative field with communication program

Learn to express your creative ideas in writing, advertising and other forms of media and communications. Enrol in a value-added communication program to prepare your career in Journalism, Broadcasting and Film, and Advertising and Marketing Communications Management. Centennial College offers the Communications and Media Foundations (6416) program to studious learners who want to excel in their field and take the foundations course that will ensure a smooth transition into the specialized careers.

Fast facts about the Communications and Media Foundations program:

Introduction to the communications industry, with concepts in writing, media, and the digital culture

The direct program prior to entry for competitive and specialized programs in media and communication, providing the essential college-level skills and knowledge required for such programs

A great way to experience various disciplines to help solidify career choices and flexible to change between disciplines

An intensive one-year Ontario College Certificate program containing theoretical principles and practical applications of media platforms and communication techniques

All is welcome to apply, given that they received their secondary school diploma (Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or a mature student status) and is proficient in English ( satisfactory results in Grade 12  college or university English, or equivalent or  completion of the Centennial College English Skills Assessment for Admission)

Graduates can move to other areas of studies within the arts and communication field, with a special preparation for the following three-year advanced Centennial College programs:

*Journalism (6402)
*Broadcasting and Film( 6401)
*Advertising and Marketing Communications Management (6404)

Career path as a writer, editor, producer, media specialist, media buyer, broadcasting coordinator, copywriter, photographer, marketing communication specialist, account executive, and a list of other related professions

Students will be introduced to different aspects in media, including industry activities, media-specific writing, and different multimedia platforms. The use of various cameras and digital equipment will provide practical knowledge and enhance the skills in producing rich and engaging communication methods for the intended target audience. Before diving into the modern practices and technicality of the field, students will get a chance to study the traditional communication methods, including the tools and processes for effective communicators. They will explore social media and other non-traditional communication methods, which we see today, that is shaping the way businesses communicate with their customers.

Further to technical and industry-specific skills, students will learn valuable life lessons and transferrable skills that are sought after by employers in different areas. Communication and presentation skills are highly emphasized in the curriculum. The Communications Portfolio Skills course, with two levels for throughout the school year, specifically addresses the need for building a writing and media portfolio and the proper way to present them to employers and business prospects.

The media education foundation is offered by Centennial College’s School of Communication, Media and Design at the Centre for Creative Communications, starting in fall and winter semesters. The Communications and Media Foundations program will help build and enhance a student’s creative writing, presentation skills, design fundamentals, and media and digital capabilities. Graduates will have a grasp at their career prospects to prepare them to more challenging encounters.

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