Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Child Care Centres In Toronto With a Dual Purpose

Child care centres in Toronto at Centennial College serve two essential services: They provide child care for the students of the institution and become an essential tool for students in programs such as Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Assistant.

Many of Centennial College’s students are also parents and knowing that their child or children are close by while they further their education can be a comforting thought. That’s why these childcare centres are such an important aspect of the services the institution offers to its students. The first of the two child care centres in Toronto is located at Progress Campus, which is the school’s largest location. The second meanwhile, is in East York, not far from The Centre of Creative Communications (CCC), which houses programs such as Journalism, Fine Arts Studio, Graphic Design – Media, and many others. Additionally, each facility is equipped to care for children of specific ages. The child care centre in Toronto at Progress Campus provides care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The CCC Early Childhood Education Centre accepts infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. It is also worth noting that like many other child care centres in Toronto, Centennial College’s has a fee for child care based on the child’s age but the facilities are licensed and approved to provide subsidized care.

As living labs, these child care centres in Toronto serve as hands-on practice for students of Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Education Assistant programs. So while the centres are staffed by fully-qualified early childhood education professionals and assistants, students also work with the children, under the supervision of centre staff.

For those in Early Childhood Education, working at the child care centres in Toronto means applying the basic principles of practice that they learn in the classroom. During this experience, students begin to develop a sensitive awareness of each child’s uniqueness by offering time for uninterrupted play, the opportunity to make choices, and the freedom to explore and interact with others. ECE program faculty supervisors, who visit agencies at pre-arranged times, observe students in action with the children, clarify student expectations and responsibilities, and provide feceedback regarding strengths and needs.

Meanwhile, Early Childhood Education Assistant students who partake in practicum at these child care centres in Toronto focus on developing the skills they need to work with infants and toddlers in group care settings. As such, they work with infants and toddlers, to observe the stages of development, to notice what infants and toddlers do and to learn how to respond to them. A qualified Early Childhood Educator is responsible for role modeling, supervising appropriate interactions with the children, co-workers and parents, and provide feedback. A Centennial College ECE program faculty field supervisor also supports the students’ early childhood studies by observing at the agency, offering feedback and assigning a grade for the placement.

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