Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aircraft maintenance program soars to new heights with industry-accredited certifications

The purpose of this article is to familiarize students with the certifications and benefits of a career in the aerospace industry through Centennial College’s Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance (8112) program.

In two years, your career will take off from the Aviation program at Centennial College. Become a reputable engineering professional in the Canadian Aerospace industry. The Toronto-based college offers the Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance (8112) program to individuals who enjoy tinkering and analyzing mechanical systems.

The prestigious program has earned points from industry experts:
  • It is affiliated with the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association and the Aircraft Electronics Association.
  • The Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace accredited this program which means that graduates can apply directly to become a certified Aircraft Maintenance Technicians.
  • The preparatory courses and shop practical experience strictly abides with industry practices and standards, which will lead to the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

Centennial is unique with its own hangar, where students will get on-the-job training while staying on site at the college. Professor Louis Anderson believes in this hands-on approach and says, “We have a fairly large hanger right here in central Toronto, which a lot of people are unaware of. And it’s very unique that we offer that in this facility.” Jamie Milks, Program Coordinator, adds, “We have over 200 mandatory performance tasks that every student has to complete before they can leave here, so it’s fairly extensive.” The program is then taken into account by Transport Canada and considers this as 18 months of experience and technical examination credit towards the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

Students enrolled in the Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance program train and complete aircraft technician courses from an extensive curriculum, with nine courses for the first two semesters, loaded with theoretical teachings required to understand how to manipulate engines and controls during shop sessions. They will learn about the correct tools and processes to use during various maintenance procedures while keeping health and safety in mind. In addition to the heavy course load, students are expected to be mature and disciplined with such high-risk demands from the work area. Only those who graduate with less than 5% absenteeism rate are eligible to acquire the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

“The graduate from this program will go out and become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. That’s the person that will certify after inspections, any work that was performed on the aircraft, and many of them will perform the work as well on the aircraft,” Milks said in an interview. The nature of this career is that plenty of hands-on experience is required to break into the industry. Many workers obtained aircraft technician training from college, earning an average of over $60,000 per year, according to Service Canada. In addition, employers look for applicants who are savvy with aircraft systems and have good manual dexterity and communication skills. Centennial College sets a high bar in admissions for qualified students for the Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance program, and it produces capable and competent graduates, ready to work in air transportation, aerospace manufacturing and other relevant sectors for aircraft maintenance engineers.

Author details: Jason White emphasizes on the strict rules of entering and studying in the Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance program while reaping its great rewards, with professional accreditations and excellent career standings.

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