Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Motor Vehicle Technician Technical Program In a Nutshell

If a student attends a program but isn't satisfied with the knowledge he or she has gained, then the offering has failed. That isn't at all the case with Centennial College's Motive Power Technician - Technical program, which trains students for roles such as automotive apprentice, service advisor, lead hand, repair technician, automotive service and parts management/departments, and automotive import/exports. Don't believe me? Recently, three students were asked to give their views on this Motive Power Technician program. The first student said, "My favourite course I would have to say is Engines, mainly because we're actually seeing the internal of the engine, and it's very hands on … We do a lot of teamwork because that's the best way to learn when you're working on power vehicles." The second student said of the Motive Power Technician program, "Many people might be intimidated but the teachers are really good. They have the hands-on experience, and it's not like they're teaching you from a textbook. They've been there and they've done it." Meanwhile, the last student pointed out that, "Most of the Automotive Power [Technician] students in here are very enthusiastic, very energetic. They’re into this, they love this."

These three Motive Power Technician students really embody what the program is all about: two years of motor vehicle technology through theory and useful practical training that has been accredited by the Canadian Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) National Accreditation Board. Thanks to this accreditation, everything students are taught is the same as the Automotive Service Technician (AST) apprenticeship qualification, which exempts students from testing for licensing qualification.

In the first semester of the technical Motive Power Technician program, students attend courses that are also offered in the administration version of the program. This approach gives students have a chance to decide whether this area of study is really the one that suites them most. It also introduces them to basic level training in courses such as Engines, Electrical Diagnosis, Alignment, Transmissions, Fuels, Vehicle Technology and College Communications. Consequent semesters boast increasingly advancing levels of these courses as well as others such as Transportation Administration, Applied Vehicle Dynamics, Air Conditioning, Technical Drawings, Properties of Materials and more.

Every one of these Motive Power Technician courses combines theory and shop experience at Ashtonbee Campus - Ontario's largest transportation centre. Instructors offer demonstrations of techniques, which students then get to apply using industry-standard equipment in labs that include ones specifically geared to engines, fuels, electrical, electronics and chassis systems.

Motor Vehicle Technician program requires applicants to have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older; compulsory English 12C or U credit or skills assessment, or equivalent and the Math 11M or U, or 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent.

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