Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Explore the World with the International Business Management Program

Postgraduate programs add more value to an existing college diploma or university degree through its specialized education. The courses are more intensive and students are expected to bring their skills to the programs. Due to the market trends relating to globalization, a popular postgrad program is receiving high enrollment: International Business Management offered at Centennial College. The three-semester program expands business topics including Business Law, Finance, and Marketing to a global scale.

With Centennial’s diverse and collaborative environment, the program’s classes are filled with different ideas, attitudes, and experiences shared between students and faculty. The program is also a hit with the international student community, where a percentage of graduates are pursuing their careers back in their home countries, after a college education abroad.

The International Business Management graduate certificate program contains a course on preparing for the Canadian job market. The Employment Preparedness course gets you started in looking for career possibilities branching out of this program. In combination with your current credentials, students will prepare an application on targeted job postings – resume, cover letter, and networking card. The students then participate in a mock interview simulation assignment. Centennial College student, Michelle De Souza, just finished a mock interview and is thrilled with her program: “I really enjoy the IBM program because it allows me to work in groups while working on real life projects that I can use for my future career.”

Students also get first-hand assistance in building their LinkedIn profiles, which is integral as a business professional, especially in North America. LinkedIn helps in building a personal brand and networking with professionals in your industry. However popular the online media may be, face-to-face communication still holds its importance. Attending networking events, presenting a sales pitch to a client, and day-to-day communication with colleagues all require good communication skills. The Business Presentations course in Centennial’s postgraduate business programs teaches students to become effective communicators and articulate their messages properly.

A major component of the program is the on-the-job training course, Business – Experiential Learning. The internship is a competitive opportunity to practice your knowledge and learn valuable experience, before starting your career. Students complete several weeks of employment while preparing weekly reports to Centennial, based on their learning outcomes. They also gain advantage through a completion of an online portfolio in the Acadiate platform. Students have been hired directly after the internships are complete, eliminating the worrisome job hunting process and ensuring employment upon graduation.

Varying positions open, depending on your education and work background but common positions include Logistics Coordinators, Commercial Bank Officers, and International Marketing Representatives. In addition, students wishing to pursue further education in completing a Master’s degree can easily transfer to Centennial’s partners, University of Western Sydney and Griffith University.

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