Sunday, August 4, 2013

Esthetics College Program Teaches Know-How for Blooming Industry

Today’s rapidly flourishing health and wellness service industry is keeping those who have attended an esthetics college program in high demand. And students of Centennial College’s Esthetician offering graduate in two years with an Ontario College Diploma and an extensive list of abilities that include: the know-how to provide the entire range of professional services offered in today’s spas (including but not limited to waxing and body treatments, pedicures and manicures, facials and anti-aging procedures); proper use of specialized equipment and products; the ability to adhere to health, safety, sanitation and infection prevention control guidelines, according to current legislation and national, provincial, municipal and industry standards and regulations; how to apply knowledge of business operations, exceptional customer service and diverse population needs to daily operations of an esthetic business in a controlled salon or spa environment; the skills required to successfully run a private business; and more. This range of skills allows esthetics college program grads of this institution to work in a variety of settings that include: spas, salons, health clinics, cruise ships, skin care companies and other such outlets.

To apply for this esthetics college program, students are required to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Also required is compulsory English 12C or U, or skills assessment, or equivalent. After admission but prior to each program field placement students are required to: have an annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening; successfully complete and annually renew a recognized course in CPR (Health Care Provider level); successfully complete a recognized course in Standard First Aid; and have their pre-clearance health form completed by a physician or nurse practitioner stating that they meet the health requirements of legislated acts, ministry guidelines and agency policies.  

Based out of Centennial College’s most high-tech location, Morningside Campus, this esthetics college program give students the advantage of training in fully equipped lab settings that simulate the real world. As such, the esthetician lab facilities are filled with cutting-edge equipment that is common in today’s wellness and medical spas. This is advantageous as students tackle topics such as: skin care practices, manicures and pedicures, spa health and safety, waxing and hair removal, anatomy, physiology, product knowledge, makeup, sales techniques, business practice and much more.

The on-campus training (including three Esthetics Clinic courses) culminates in a fourth semester esthetics college practicum that sees students work in highly respected esthetics establishments alongside seasoned professionals. During their field placements, students work with real customers (under the supervision of their instructors), learning the ins and outs of the industry; network, and apply what they have learned in their Esthetics college program.

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