Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Program Takes You from Novice to Expert

Did you know that in order to apply for Centennial College’s Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program all you are required to present is: at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or General Educational Development (GED) or equivalent; English Grade 12 C or U, or equivalent; a résumé and questionnaire that describes experience and aptitude; attendance at an interview (by invite only, based on resume and questionnaire) with faculty/potential employer; eligibility to work in Ontario and an Ontario driver’s license?

Once you are accepted to this Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program, you will enjoy a combination of in-school training and co-op work placement that provides an excellent start to an apprenticeship. In addition, you will earn an Ontario College diploma and complete your entire Ontario apprenticeship in-school curriculum within two years.

This is achieved by spending the first eight months of the program attending heavy equipment courses at Centennial College that cover everything from applied mechanics and vehicle dynamics to component design and repair, as it applies to the apprenticeship curriculum. You will also take courses in advanced electrical/ electronics, logistics, plus hoisting and rigging that is only available at Centennial. Lastly, you will attend courses in business, English and general education. Specific Heavy Duty Equipment Technician courses include: Trade Practices, Electrical Systems, Fuel Systems, Occupational Health and Safety, Drake Systems, Drive Train Systems, Heavy Equipment Logistics, Fixed Operations Management and more.

Once you have a solid base, you will spend eight months in co-op as a registered apprentice. During this time, you will apply what you have already learned, allowing you to put your knowledge to use in a real world environment. Additionally, the co-op term serves to offer you preparation for your return to the school to complete more advanced heavy equipment courses. Many students end up staying on as full-time employees at their co-op placement upon graduation as they enter the apprenticeship aspect of their careers.

While at school, you will be based at Centennial College’s Ashtonee Campus. As one of the largest transportation training centre in the province, it is equipped with everything you need in order to master all of the topics covered in the program. Faculty members who have experience in the field and are prepared to answer any of your questions as well as share personal anecdotes that will benefit you in your future endeavors lead the mock real-world environment.

Upon completion of the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program, you will be ready to take on positions such as heavy-duty equipment technician, service manager, service writer or coordinator, equipment company representative, or college or industry teacher. You will also find employment in a range of industries that include: forestry, construction, mining, transportation, landscaping, land cleaning, farming and more.

Jason offers insight into the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician program at Centennial College and describes entry requirements, highlights as well as possible learning outcomes.

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