Thursday, April 4, 2013

Motorcycle Technician Training That Doesn’t Require Previous Experience

“Centennial College’s motorcycle technician training program supplied me with the skills needed to succeed,” says 2011 graduate Dave Cheriyan of the Motorcycle and Powersports Product Repair Techniques. “I was able to find a position in the field prior to completing the course and I am able to apply my knowledge and skills learned to excel in my career!”

This positive testimonial offers insight into the in-depth training offering at this motorcycle technician school, but let’s take a closer look at the benefits of attending. First and foremost, the Centennial College program, which takes two semesters to complete, is designed to open doors for students to a career in the motorcycle, powersports and small engine industries — even if they have no previous experience. As such, theory and practical skills are equally balanced to ensure that students are field-ready upon graduation and all topics are presented by faculty members who are seasoned professionals, connected to the industry and committed to student success.

Among these motorcycle technician training topics, which are based on the apprenticeship curriculum, are: the complete range of technical training, workplace practices, welding, mechanical systems, health and safety in the workplace, computers, math, communications and potential certification in manufacturer parts and service online systems. Training is also provided in the latest all-important diagnostic skills. All courses are facilitated from Centennial College’s transportation hub, Ashtonbee Campus. This location is the largest transportation centre in the province and boasts fully equipped motorcycle technician school labs that include both motorcycle for students to train on and tools of the trade.

It is worth noting that this motorcycle technician training’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of education and training has led to its assessment by the Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council (CARS). The CARS National Accreditation Board has endorsed the program’s full compliance with the national industry standards since 2001. Additionally, there is an active program advisory committee representing product manufacturers, dealers and independent repairers.

Upon completion of this motorcycle technician training, graduates may have an opportunity for credit towards their apprenticeship requirement. Additionally, they are fully prepared to work as apprentice motorcycle technicians, apprentice small engine mechanics, and parts and service counter staff.

To apply for Centennial College’s motorcycle technician training, students are required to have complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older). Additionally, they must have completed the English Grade 12 Workplace (E), College (C), or University (U), or equivalent, or skills assessment. Centennial College will also admit to this program applicants who have successfully completed Grade 12 Workplace, College, or University entry-level English.

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