Friday, March 1, 2013

Nursing Programs For A Wide Range of Interests

Did you know that not all nursing programs offer the same type of training? That’s because not all nursing responsibilities are the same and not all nurses come from the same educational background. To meet the nursing shortage, which The Canadian Nurses Association predicts will see a need for 59,000 to 113,000 nurses, Centennial College offers many nursing program options. Today’s nurses do a lot more than just offer bedside care. These professionals assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. That’s why it is more essential than ever to obtain training that will balance theory and practical application.

Centennial College offers full-time, part-time and fast-track nursing programs. For example, Registered Practical Nurses can attend part-time nursing programs such as Operating Room (prepares students to function effectively in an entry level scrub nurse role), Health Assessment Skills for RPN (develops knowledge and skills for comprehensive physical and health assessment of clients), IV Therapy Applications (combination of basic and advanced IV therapy), Medical Esthetic Practitioner (allows RN/RPNs to develop skills to perform facial esthetic services in medical spas); and more. On the other hand, Registered Nurses can attend part-time nursing programs such as Critical Care (develops skills and knowledge to provide specialized care for critically-ill patients); Post-Anaesthesia Care Nursing (addresses post-anaesthesia nursing care from admission to discharge), and more.

On the other hand, there are eight full-time nursing programs at Centennial College. All of these programs are conducted at Centennial College’s most technologically advanced location, Morningside Campus. As such, it offers students clinical settings and the latest tools of the trade so that they may become comfortable prior to graduation.

The first of these full-time nursing options is Practical Nursing (offered in either a full-time or flex form, this undertaking trains students for work in hospitals, long-term care facilities and community settings); Practical Nursing for Internationally Educated Nurses (designed as an academic pathway to meet the needs of internationally-educated nurses who are interested in working as Registered Practical Nurses in Canada); Collaborative Nursing Degree (committed to creating nursing leaders who will play an integral role in shaping the future of health care. Graduates of the Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree program are eligible to write the College of Nurses of Ontario registration examination to receive Registered Nurse designation, and accept entry-level positions in a variety of settings where nursing is practiced); Bridging to University Nursing (offered in both full-time and flex, this nursing program is an academic pathway offered to assist registered practical nurses to bridge to BScN in approximately three years. Courses emphasize ethics and professional practice, health assessment, skill mastery and caring for clients with acute and chronic illness, and will provide the foundation for nursing practice); Bridging to University Nursing for Internationally Educated Nurses (an academic pathway to assist internationally-educated nurses who have not met the baccalaureate nursing education requirements for Ontario RNs); and RN – Perioperative Nursing (Graduates of this nursing program will function as entry-level practitioners. Graduates will be prepared to function in a variety of specialty areas such as acute care hospital operating rooms, labour and delivery suites, ambulatory practice settings and private surgery clinics).

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