Monday, February 11, 2013

Food and Nutrition Programs Offer Practical Practice

All you need in order to apply to attend one of Toronto’s respected nutrition programs, Centennial College’s Food and Nutrition Management, is at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older; compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent; and Math 11M or U or 12C or U or skills assessment, or equivalent. It should be noted that admission to this nutrition program is highly competitive and spots are filled quickly. To be considered for this Food and Nutrition Management, you should apply prior to the Ontario Colleges equal consideration date of February 1 and submit transcripts or complete a skills assessment as early as possible. For applicants who are currently attending high school in Ontario, your midterm and final grades will be transmitted automatically to the college.

Once students are accepted into the Food and Nutrition program, they study from Centennial College’s most high-tech location, Morningside Campus. This campus aids in students’ education by offering them access to labs in which they conduct the practical aspects of quantity food preparation and service, and experiments to learn the physical food properties. Practical lab courses include: Kitchen Production, Food Property Analysis, Recipe Development and Costing, and more. In addition to hands-on practice, students of the Food and Nutrition program also attend a variety of lectures such as: Principles of Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene; Introduction to Computing, Introduction to Food Services, Nutrition, Mathematics for Food Service Management and more.

To give students a chance to apply everything they learn during the Food and Nutrition program prior to graduation is a seven-week supervised work experience in a health care facility the placement. During this time, students are test out their newly-obtained knowledge as well as gain more information by working alongside industry professionals.

Further validating the nature of the training in the Nutrition program is its accreditation from the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), which ensures that graduates are automatically eligible for membership in the CSNM and OSNM (Ontario Society of Nutrition Management). CSNM membership is a requirement of the Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to work in a long-term care facility and most acute care facilities.

One duty of those who graduate from Food and Nutrition programs is to offer nutritional advice. Additionally, all employees in food and nutrition management must be able to perform in accordance with the code of ethics; create master menus, and follow standardized recipes and production procedures; supervise the preparation of food products and special feedings, food distribution, and operation procedures according to standards; and be well versed in sanitation. Titles in the field include: dietary managers, nutrition technicians, food and nutrition managers, food service coordinators and quality control technicians.

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