Monday, February 11, 2013

A Freightliner Training Academy Program Focuses On Industry Essentials

When applying to a post-secondary program, you should not only consider the topics covered within the offering but also who is teaching them. Centennial College’s

Truck and Coach Technician – Freightliner MAP 32 apprenticeship, which boasts a freightliner training academy feel, is taught by highly qualified and experienced faculty members who emphasize aspects of heavy vehicle technology that are embodied in the program. In addition, thanks to small-class formats students can go to these faculty members for advice and to listen to their personal anecdotes.

The freightliner training academy program itself combines 32 weeks of in-class theory as well as hands-on lab training with four weeks of on-the-job, co-op work placement. As such, students experience training that is more in-depth with longer in-school sessions than traditional apprenticeships.  Among the topics covered during students’ time on-campus are the diagnosis and repair of: electronics and electrical, and computer management systems; steering, brakes, suspensions, frames and alignment; transmission(s) manual, automated, automatic; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; hydraulics; engines; fuel systems (gas and diesel); welding – MIG, ARC, gas, cutting, brazing; and tools, equipment safety concerns. Training is focused on the most recent truck and coach technology and the seven specific courses students attend are: Drive Trains, Electrical Systems, Engine Systems, Trade Practices, Brake Systems, Fuel Systems, Fluid Power Systems, and Electronic Mngt and Emission.

The in-school portion of the freightliner training academy program is facilitated from Ashontbee Campus, Centennial College’s transportation training centre, which is actually the largest transportation training centre in Canada. Because of this, students get the advantage of learning in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs containing engines that are very popular and commonly found in the trade. 

It is worth noting that students may be eligible to receive employment insurance or other government benefit payments during the apprenticeship training period.

Meanwhile, the freightliner training academy program co-op training takes place at various freightliner dealerships or fleet locations within the area of southern Ontario. By the time they head out to their apprenticeship, students have basic knowledge while they shadow technicians. Employers and employees appreciate that this pre-employment training completes the apprentices’ college portion of apprenticeship training. It also allows for uninterrupted work schedules.

Those interested in applying to this freightliner training academy program are required to have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or GED or equivalent. Applicants must be employed by a freightliner dealership or a designated fleet employer or selected through an interview process. Please be advised, that candidates may apply directly to Centennial College. Successful applicants must obtain an employer and then register as a MAP apprentice with the Apprenticeship Branch of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Acceptance is based on successful completion of all entry requirements. Limited space is available in each program.

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