Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Child Studies Courses Among Those Covered in Community and Child Studies Foundations

Have you applied to but have not met the admission requirements for a Centennial College post-secondary program in the areas of community or child studies? Fret not because the school offers an alternative program focusing on child studies courses and community topics called Community and Child Studies Foundations, which is a pathway for pursuing a career in the community services and child studies department.

This undertaking is only open for admission to applicants who have been advised and assisted to register by the Centennial College Assessment and Advising Centre. To apply students must have completed at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. In addition, those interested in this child studies training must complete the Centennial College English skills assessment before registering for the program. A score of 130 or 131 is required.

Once accepted, students will find an undertaking that is offered in an ESL sensitive and inclusive environment in which the instructors understand the need of adult and ESL learners. These experienced, caring and supportive faculty members have expertise in both community and child studies, volunteer management programs and ESL. As such, they utilize collaborative teaching approaches. Students not only have the opportunity to attend child studies training and community courses, but they also have the chance to develop academic and professional skills and attitudes, which will facilitate success in the program they pursue upon completion of this one. This program sees students engage in reflective practice to facilitate professional skill development, while enhancing communication competence in all language strands. Specific child studies courses and community courses include: Foundations in Community and Child Studies (students survey the range of services offered in the community and child studies field and gain insight into the scope of these delivery models. Students explore professional roles and summarize key career benefits and issues); Health & First Aid (offers the opportunity to explore the fundamental principles and dimensions of wellness. As health and safety are primary concerns in community services and child studies careers, the course includes the development of both practical and attitudinal approaches to the protection of vulnerable persons); Introduction to Psychology (explores the concepts and principles of selected areas of psychology); and more.

As a result of this combination of topics, students who succeed in the child studies training and community courses will be equipped to apply and take on more challenging and advanced Centennial College programs such as Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Worker, Developmental Service Worker, Community and Justice Services, Police Foundations, Recreation and Leisure Services and Social Service Worker. In addition, when students successfully complete the program, they obtain an Ontario College Certificate.

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