Friday, September 14, 2012

Advertising Research Among Topics Covered in Advertising Account Management

In the world of advertising, advertising research plays a huge role. As such, Advertising Account Management sees companies and organizations employ advertising agencies to initiate, promote and maintain the presence of their products and messages in the public realm. The account manager represents the firm and interacts directly with clients. He must establish, maintain and cultivate the company/client relationship for the benefit of both the client and the firm itself. Additionally, those trained for this field may work within: advertising agencies, sales promotion, event marketing, interactive marketing, direct marketing, account planning, research, client marketing.

Specific tasks for those with advertising research and Advertising Account Management credentials vary from agency to agency, but typically involve: managing a portfolio of accounts, dealing with all aspects of an advertising campaign, researching new business leads and "pitching" ideas, achieving sales targets by using existing networks of industry contacts to generate revenue, leading project management activity, attending client meetings and completing administrative work, as required.

If you have already obtained a college diploma or university degree in any discipline but wish to either advance your career or switch careers completely, and have an interest in Advertising Account Management, you may want to consider Centennial College's three-semester offering. In addition to being able to present college or university transcripts, applicants must attend a mandatory program admission sessions during which they will complete a writing test and questionnaire. Please note that Centennial College will also consider applicants with partial post-secondary education (minimum of two years) and relevant work experience.

Because the program only takes three semesters to complete, it is fast-paced and geared towards mature learners who can study independently but also collaborate on team projects. In addition, on-site professional computer software, media planning and research systems are available to students at all times. Students are mentored through all their studies by a team of seasoned professionals as they build new skills and confidence for the industry.

Among the courses in which they partake are: Advertising Research, Professional Practice, Integrated Marketing Foundations, Account Management Practices, Media for Account Managers, Communications Agency Primer, Broadcast Production Basics Business Communications, and more.

Tilt – the student-run communications agency provides real experience while students are in school, which is a perfect lead up to a 15-week industry field placement. The on-the-job experience makes this the only post-grad Account Management program in Canada with a 15-week field placement that allows students to gain critical knowledge, professional relationships and work experience. Field placement also gives students the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired in the previous two semesters of the program. Exposure to advertising agency personnel and the daily tasks they perform is a valuable, practical experience. Students select their own Account Management placement position in an advertising agency or closely related specialty area to match their career goals and interests.

Past graduates who have successfully completed their advertising research studies, have been hired by: Agency 59, Canadian Tire, Cossette Communications, Doner Canada, Draft FCB Toronto, J. Walter Thompson and more.

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