Friday, July 6, 2012

Aviation Program Focuses on Aircraft Maintenance

For those interested in attending an aviation program that trains them to become aircraft technicians training, there are a variety of jobs available in the field. As such, professionals may find positions with airlines/operators, manufacturers, military, aviation training, repair and overhaul and aviation equipment/avionics. In addition, with the appropriate training, professionals can seek employment in non-aircraft related areas of certain repair and manufacturing industries

Training that will allow you to apply for all of these jobs is available at Centennial College’s aircraft maintenance-focused aviation program called Aviation Technician – Aircraft Maintenance. This offering takes two years to complete and results in an Ontario College Diploma.

Thanks to a significant amount of the aviation program time being spent on practical application in labs working on aircraft engines, conducting aircraft and component inspections in a maintenance environment and performing flight-line activities, students learn highly sought after skills. Among the specific areas in which students of the aviation program will become comfortable are: aircraft maintenance, power plant structures, inspections, troubleshooting, mechanical, electrical and electronic applications. They also master a wide range of systems within an aircraft, such as hydraulics, fuels, environmental systems, engines, surface controls and undercarriage systems, and the aircraft’s frame and external skin. Students will also acquire knowledge in other sciences related to aircraft maintenance.

This aviation program is facilitated from Centennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus, which houses the provinces largest transportation training centre. This centre is equipped with a fully functional aircraft hangar, licensed by Transport Canada, complete with a fleet of 10 aircraft that is used as a training aid by the aircraft technician training students.

Additionally, this aviation program has partners and supporters who are members of Centennial College’s advisory committees and participate as guest speakers and panelists, sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit and enhancement of the program.

To graduate from aviation program, students must complete 200 tasks. Students are also required to obtain a minimum C grade in all courses for graduation. This aviation program is Transport Canada approved. As such, students are accredited by the organization granted that they meet attendance requirements, project completion requirements and attain 70 percent in each course. Successful graduates who meet the accreditation requirements are eligible for an 18-month experience credit and technical examination credit towards the regulatory requirements for issue of a Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.  This aviation program also holds the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace accreditation and recognition towards meeting the basic training requirements for CCAA occupational trade certification as an avionics maintenance technician.

To apply for this aviation program, students must possess at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older); and English 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent and Math 11M or U or 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent.

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