Friday, June 22, 2012

International Business College Atmosphere Prepares You For Global Business

Are you looking for a School of Business with an international business college approach that allows you to complete a business program while simultaneously logging valuable academic credits towards earning a master’s and/or bachelor’s degree from the several well-known local universities in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and around the world? If so, you may want to consider attending one of the 30 programs at Centennial College’s School of Business.

Depending on your goals and previous education, you may attend a program that varies from two semesters to three years. In addition, many of Centennial College’s international business college programs allow students to gain real-world experience thanks to co-op, internships and work placements. These features are employed to allow international business college program students to learn job-specific skills, make important industry connections and tailor their individual career paths. These placements see students participating in actual business transactions and shadowing professionals.

Additionally, the international business college outlook at Centennial is taken a step further with the International Business Exchange, which allows students to study, for one semester, at one of Centennial’s partner colleges or universities and receive full credit at Centennial for all successfully completed courses. One advantage of an exchange program is that students pay the usual Canadian college tuition fees they’re accustomed to, rather than international tuition that’s usually much higher. Students pay for their own airfare, books, accommodation and food, although qualifying students are eligible for Ontario Student Assistance (OSAP) funding. Centennial offers two $500 scholarships annually to encourage studying abroad. Another benefit of this international business college feature is that students get to experience how business is studied around the world.

But exactly what programs are offered at the Business School? It is important to note that they range from basic business offerings to more specific ones and advanced graduate studies.

For example, those who do not meet the admission requirements of other post-secondary business programs can attend Pre-Business – Business Foundations. This offering allows students to develop their preparedness for college life with carefully crafted and intensive learning experiences, focuses on the foundational subjects of English, mathematics, accounting fundamentals, business fundamentals, micro-computing fundamentals and basic strategies for business success.

On the other hand, if you qualify, you may enter diploma and certificate options include: Accounting, Business Operations, Financial Services, Marketing, Office Administration and more. Meanwhile, graduates studies offer: Financial Planning, Human Resources Management, Payroll Management, Project Management and more.

Lastly, for a truly international business college approach, you can consider International Business (grads become Customs Compliance Analysts, Import/Export Documentation Specialist, Global Logistics Assistant and Inside Sales Representatives); Global Business Management (graduates can confidently pursue entry level management/professional roles with international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and domestic businesses operating on a global scale); or International Business Management (graduates are prepared to work as: Foreign Investment and Risk Analysts, Foreign Trade Consultants, Commercial Bank Officers, International Marketing Representatives and International Development Assistants).

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