Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enter an Event Management College Program and Benefit from Unique Aspects

“This program is one where we take students with diplomas or degrees and specialize them in the development of festivals and event management, which is very unique in Centennial and in the college community,” says Bob Dallas, a faculty member in the event management college program (officially known as Event Management – Festival and Conference) at Centennial College in Toronto, Ont. “The academic portion is very traditional. The practical application is very unique. We’re actually probably the largest conference facility in the province of this type. We just finished great renovations. Now, we’re a full-service conference facility. We have started to branch out and do a lot more off-site events and get more actively involved in the community.”

While Bob gives an excellent overview of some of the standout features of this event management college undertaking, let’s take a closer look at specifics. First and foremost, as Bob mentioned, this is a post-graduate offering. That means, applicants must submit an official transcript, demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program. Centennial College’s event management program will also consider applicants presenting a combination of partial post-secondary education and relevant work experience, open to all disciplines. Non-academic perquisites include proof of transcript and a resume review.

Taking just two semesters to complete, students are taught a number of skills that are crucial to establishing a long-lasting career in the festival and conference event management field. First and foremost, students are able to develop and implement financial initiatives based on event objectives through methods such as sponsorship programs and fundraising initiatives. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability they will have to plan, design and coordinate effective site and facility operations while applying the principles of marketing to festivals, events and conferences. Speaking of applying, students of the Centennial College event management college undertaking will have the know-how to apply: strategies for effective human resource management, effective programming for events; accounting and financial knowledge and skills to the operation of events; business administration skills to the operation of events; and the principles of professionalism and ethics to event management.

These skills are achieved through a variety of courses that range from Event Marketing-Festival and Conference, Volunteer & Team Building Coordination, Sponsorship Development and Event Budgeting to Risk & Security Management, Creativity and Innovation, Communications and Media Planning, and more.

Once they have graduated from this respected event management college offering, students enter an exciting and rapidly growing industry. In fact, festivals, events and conferences are a major catalyst for tourism worldwide as evidenced by the membership making up the local, national and global markets. This sector employed 380,000 workers in 2006 and is projected to produce 121,000 new jobs by 2015.

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