Friday, November 4, 2011

Distance Learning Gets You Closer to Your Dream Career

Do you work better on your own? Are you unable to travel outside of your home during the day because you have small children? Does studying online appeal to you? Do you want to experience independent study? Does shift work prevent you from attending studies on campus full-time? Does the thought of interacting with other learners from around the world excite you? If you answered yes to any of these questions the distance learning may be for you. Designed with flexibility in mind, online learning is a form of instructor-led study enabling students to work through course material and assignments in their own time and space, with 24- hour access to the online classroom. Online course delivery saves travel time, while still allowing you to enjoy similar in-person benefits of a physical classroom such as: a qualified and industry-experienced instructor, communication tools, discussion boards and forums, a sense of email access with your classmates, digital assignment capability, and more.

Centennial College’s distance learning option has a variety of specific benefits such as: convenience and flexibility (study when you want), time efficiency (travel, child care, weather are no longer barriers to learning), skills enhancement (hone your communication skills and clarify your thinking skills), the opportunity to contribute and be heard, and collaborative learning (work with other learners from across town, the province, the world). Distance learning programs at Centennial College include: Office Bookkeeping, Education Assistant, Applied Management Studies, Software Specialist Automotive Service Advisor, Business Management – Marketing, Food Service Worker, Legal Office Assistant and many, many others. In fact, Centennial College offers more than 35 distance learning programs so there is truly something for everyone.

Upon completion of his or her program of choice, each Centennial College distance learning student is responsible for writing his or her exam on the first Saturday following the course end date. It is your responsibility to book the correct exam date within the time constraints of your course. Students who fail to write their exam by the due date will receive a zero on their exam. Once you have booked your exam, you will be expected to write on that date. If you need to modify your exam date, please contact the Centennial College Distance Learning team. You will be expected to re-book within the guidelines set out in your course. All examinations must be booked at least 5 days prior to the exam date.

Correspondence or print based courses (PB) are also available from Centennial College, offering students the ability to work at their own pace within typically a 6 month time frame. Print-based courses are best suited to students who work independently with minimal supervision. In most cases both delivery methods (online & PB) require that students attend the campus towards the end of their class to write a final exam.

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