Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Train to be Part of the Exciting World of Media

The word “media” encompasses a wide range of meanings that, in essence, refer to communication of any data for any purpose. At Centennial College, media studies are taught by the School of Communication Media and Design. Since its start, the School has earned an international reputation for offering forward thinking and crucial media studies programs. Despite the varying fields that are studied, all graduates learn to be leaders who have solid knowledge in communicating effectively via writing, speaking and even design.

In order to decide whether media education be a path you want to explore, there are a variety of skills that are extremely useful in many employment areas the industry. Of course, these skills can be developed through training and will be useful whether you’re a journalist, a public relations rep or a children’s entertainment writer. First and foremost, research and critical analysis skills are essential to any media-based career. You must be able to dig up the facts and present them in a critical way to the public while, at the same time, making them relatable. Another important skill is the ability to meet deadlines. All media professionals are experts at time management, as getting information to the public must be done in a timely manner. One last general skill that will help you to succeed in the media industry is the ability to approach tasks flexibly and creatively. The public is often fickle about the way in which it receives information from the media. Therefore, new ways of presenting already-told information or stories is essential. Also, due to the hectic schedules of media professionals, you should be flexible enough to drop one task in the middle of working on it to tackle something else that might be more pressing.

But what kind of education is needed to enter this field? A college education is a great way to ensure that your credentials are strong enough to compete with other professionals. Centennial College’s media studies courses range from Graduate Certificate and Advanced Diplomas to College Diplomas, and take anywhere from three to six semesters to attain. Aside from the previously mentioned programs, Centennial College also offers media training in Media Management (which is the unique role of strategic media planning and buying), Book and Magazine Publishing, Broadcasting and Film, Graphic Design — Media, Digital Animation,Media Engineering Design and Integration and Sports Journalism.

Each area of study also provides students with more than one career path option, further enhancing their chance at success. For example, someone who takes Broadcasting and Film can go on to work at radio and TV stations, commercial sound and video production companies or corporate video houses. While someone who studies Digital Animation can find a rewarding career in film, television, broadcast design or game design. The career options of those trained in media studies are extensive and continue to evolve.

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