Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Centennial College’s School of Hospitality Offers Options

The hospitality and tourism sector in Canada continues to employ millions as people take an interest in exploring everything the country has to offer — from the mountains and beaches of British Columbia to the shopping districts in Toronto and Montreal, and everything in between. In fact, last year, 19.6 million people took overnight trips to Canada. Professionals are needed in accommodation, food and beverage, transportation, travel services, and recreation and entertainment, to ensure that tourists are happy enough with their Canadian vacations to return. In order to get the proper training in any of these areas, Toronto’s Centennial College offers its School of Hospitality.

This reliable School offers students a combination of academic learning and hands-on practice with full-time programs such as: Event Management (Festival and Conference); Food & Beverage Management (Food and Beverage Management, Kitchen Management, Baking – Commercial Bakeries); Hotel and Resort Management (Hospitality Foundations, Hospitality Services, Hotel and Resort Management, and Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management); and Tourism & Travel Operations (Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Tourism Management – Cultural and Heritage Tourism, Culture and Heritage Site Management, and Tourism & Travel).As you can see, the range of programs is very wide and will suit anyone with an interest in hospitality. Intake for the programs occurs three times per year with start dates varying from year to year but generally occurring in late August or early September, early January and early May. Classes finish at the end of April or early May, depending on the calendar, unless you choose to fast-track and take summer courses. Students are timetabled for approximately 20 to 25 hours per week, with classes being scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. The School of Hospitality prides itself on being student-focused and offering flexibility.

In addition, the School takes pride in offering skills that are applicable anywhere in Canada, which means you work in a small town in Alberta or the downtown core in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal. All School of Hospitality courses, no matter which program you choose, cover business topics (marketing, human resources, finance, and industry operations) to ensure students have a sound knowledge of the industry. Many School of Hospitality offerings also include field placements or internships during which students apply what they have learned in-class and obtain new knowledge.

Whether or not your program of choice includes an internship or field placement, you have access to on-campus facilities and tools to ensure that you gain hands-on experience prior to graduation. Students may make use of the on-campus eatery, Horizon Restaurant, which is a living lab that presents the culinary and service skills of the students from the School of Hospitality. From preparing freshly made food, to scheduling and the reservation recommendations, these features are designed prepare students for the real world.

Another place where students gain real-life experience within the school of hospitality is the Centennial Conference Centre. Comprised of eight meeting rooms (including two large ballrooms and a variety of meeting rooms), it provides ample opportunity for students to have real life encounters. Uniformed in traditional black attire, students take pride in their work, paying attention to the smallest details and ensuring that every event is truly flawless.

Please note that the programs offered at the School of Hospitality vary in prerequisites. It is recommended you read requirements of your program of choice carefully before applying.

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