Sunday, June 26, 2011

Centennial College: A Reliable Community College

In the province of Ontario when people think of reliable community colleges, it is likely that Centennial College comes to mind. Community colleges focus on job-focused practical training that is both affordable and gives students the competitive edge. Attending such a post-secondary institute allows students to save both time (with shorter program lengths) and money (with lower tuition costs). Centennial College exemplifies these, and other, community college aspects with its specialized programs and four campus locations. Let’s take a look at some community college benefits and how Centennial College excels in each aspect.

First and foremost, community college puts a lot of emphasis on being student-focused. This includes flexibility in scheduling for those students who may have part-time jobs or other demands. Centennial offers an extensive list of Continuing Education programs and options for students. There are about 160 part-time programs and more than 1,000 courses that students can either take on-campus or through Distance Learning, which is facilitated entirely online.

Other important community college features include smaller class sizes, hands-on training and, in a lot of cases, field placement experience. These were just three of the factors that helped community colleges to take off in popularity. At Centennial College, all programs offer some sort of hands-on training. Whether, it is through simulated case studies, time in laboratories or practice in simulated settings (such as the Horizons Restaurant for hospitality and tourism students or the fully-equipped automotive training centre at Ashtonbee Campus for automotive students). In addition, community colleges focus on sending students into the field of their choice so that they may apply what they have learned, work alongside seasoned professionals, network and encounter real life experiences to be prepared for entry into the workforce upon graduation. At Centennial College, many programs offer field placement or internships to its students. These work experiences are supervised by faculty members and place students in respectable companies, in which they may be hired once they are finished their studies.

Lastly, the small sized classes at community colleges make professors easily approachable and accessible. This learning environment gives students a chance to approach professors for help with solving problems, getting additional study assistance and individual attention. In addition, students have access to labs, computers, wireless Internet connections, large and fully equipped libraries and many other facilities that community colleges develop to ensure that students are getting a useful experience.

Aside from standout community college aspects, why is Centennial College the ideal choice? First and foremost, it offers experience. Founded in 1966, it was the first community college in Ontario. Secondly, the range of study areas includes: Business, Community and Health Studies, Technology and Applied Science, Hospitality Tourism and Culture as well as Communications, Media and Design. This variety of offerings makes Centennial College an ideal post-secondary institution for students looking to turn an interest into an employable skill set.

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