Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Distance Learning is A Convenient Way To Learn

Sometimes, life gets in the way of obtaining one's education. But it doesn't have to! There is an alternate way to complete the program of your choice from a reputable college through an option called distance learning. Today, many courses (resulting in bachelor, degree, diploma or certification credentials) are offered through distance learning, which is entirely conducted online.

As with any form of education, interested parties must investigate the institutions in which they are considering enrolling. It is awfully easy for people to be scammed online with promises of degrees, diplomas or certificates. Once one pays his or her tuition to non-reputable colleges, it is often difficult to get the money back. That's why one must ensure that he or she inquires about the accreditation of the college, its affiliation with other colleges, course details, who the faculty members are and exactly how the program of your choice works.

At Centennial College, you are sure to obtain a highly respected credential through distance learning. This post-secondary institute was the first community college established in Ontario and has four campus locations across the Greater Toronto Area to serve students with more than 100 programs. Its distance learning option is reputable and designed with flexibility in mind. While the online courses save you time and money, you still retain access to qualified instructors, communication tools, discussion boards and forums, email communication with your classmates, digital assignment capability, and more. This is the ideal way to build on the education and experience that you have already been achieved, either in Canada or another country. If shift work, family responsibilities or unpredictable schedules are keeping you from your educational goals, then Distance Learning at Centennial College may also be the solution.

Distance learning programs at Centennial College include: Education Assistant, Applied Management Studies, Automotive Service Advisor, Business Management – Marketing, Legal Office Assistant, Office Bookkeeping, Software Specialist, Food Service Worker and many, many others. In fact, Centennial College offers more than 35 distance learning programs.

Many people debate whether the education you obtain through distance learning is as good as one that would be obtained by attending classes on-campus. The truth is, the methods are both very reputable, and success depends on the individual's learning style. For those who opt for distance learning, it is a pro to be self-reliant and be able to study independently. Unlike in-school learning, you are mostly on your own and must ensure that you are keeping up with the work, without the reminder of an instructor of professor. This independent form of study may turn out to be beneficial when you enter the workforce because you will be prepared to be self-sufficient. Another aspect of distance learning is being able to follow directions visually as opposed to verbally. For the most part, you are reading vital information online and figuring it out on your own.

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