Thursday, April 14, 2011

Communication Programs Provide Career Variety

Marketing account managers, promotions and event managers, book and magazine publishers, communications specialists, media relations practitioners, advertising account managers, public relations consultants, reporters, magazine editors, producers, web interface designer, online game interface designers, and interactive designers all fall under the umbrella of communications specialists. Before any of these professionals can enter their respective fields, they must attend post-secondary communication programs. If you’re interested in a communications program but are seeking a shorter, relevant program that complements your previous education and experiences — whether from other countries or within Canada — then Centennial College might be the school for you.

Offering a wide range of communication programs, Centennial College also allows qualified students the chance to get into their desired field quickly through its six fast-track communication programs. By attending one of these speedy communication programs students: receive a Canadian credential (certificate or diploma), obtain Canadian experience in as little as eight months, become a professional worker in any industry, and belong to a college that will help meet the challenges of the global economy.

The first two communication programs are Advertising Media Management and Advertising Account Management. The latter of the two prepares students to become specialized account managers and offers them the opportunity to learn the full scope of advertising tactics so that they can manage integrated communication plans from inception to final production. Creative, strategic and business skills are combined to develop and coordinate advertising, sales promotion, event marketing, interactive or direct marketing. Meanwhile, the former communications program helps to develop students’ expertise in reaching target audiences with a creative message and builds their business and negotiating skills so that they may negotiate on behalf of advertising clients to achieve strategic results. Upon graduation students enter the field of strategic media planning and buying.

Another option within these communication program choices is Interactive Digital Media. A post-graduate, collaborative and project-driven program, it prepares students for today’s world of technology, media and innovation. This is achieved through training in both in-class and in studio environments, where students become competent in producing interactive and rich media content for online, web design and development, mobile, social networks, hybrid media, games, e-learning and interactive installations. Resulting jobs include: online producer, interactive project manager, interactive visual designer, interactive media art director, and interactive marketing specialist.

Finally, the last options for communication programs all revolve around the publishing world and the media. First, Book and Magazine Publishing, which was established in 1974, is an award-winning program that teaches students the ins and outs of book and magazine publishing. It promises a career of innovation, stories and culture that integrates your creative, marketing and business skills. If you’d rather be the person writing the pieces published in magazines and newspapers or broadcast on TV and the radio,Centennial College offers a communication program in Journalism. This undertaking revolves around understanding how to cover breaking news, explore human interest stories, interview the newsmakers and examine the issues of our times. Lastly, Corporate Communications teaches students how to create communications strategies that influence employee attitudes, shift stockholders’ opinions and tell an organization’s story to the media.

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