Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Global With Centennial College’s International Business School

Today’s business world is united by the Internet and by international trade in a way it never was in previous generations. Keeping this in mind, it is vital to attend a business program within an International Business School that recognizes the importance of a universal approach.

Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario is a post-secondary institution that boasts many areas of study, including international business. The college's international Business School prides itself on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit from the minute students step foot through the doors of the centrally located Progress Campus, which houses its programs. Speaking of the programs, the School of Business offers more than 30 different ones that range in length for one semester to three years and are designed for specific interests. So what exactly is the approach that sets this international business training apart from other schools? Centennial College balances theory and academic study with optional co-op, internship terms and work placement programs. Career placements have proven to help Centennial graduates from the International School of Business earn job-specific skills, make important industry connections and tailor their individual career paths.

Another appealing aspect of attending the business training at Centennial is that its merits are recognized throughout North America’s universities. While completing a business program at the college, students can simultaneously log valuable academic credits towards earning a Master’s and/or Bachelor’s degree from the several well-known local universities in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and around the world.

Let’s look at some of the specific programs offered within the International Business School. The offerings begin with basic instruction through Pre-Business – Business Foundations. It is designed for those who do not meet the admission requirements of other post secondary Business programs. The program creates the opportunity for students to develop themselves through carefully crafted and intensive learning experiences, focuses on the foundational subjects of English, mathematics, accounting fundamentals, business fundamentals, micro-computing fundamentals and basic strategies for business success. Other areas of study include: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Operations, Contact Centre Operations, Court Support Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, Law Clerk, Marketing and Office Administration.

If, however, you are looking for a specific international business focus, Centennial College offers the Business Administration – International Business program, which is can be studied either with or without the co-op feature. Through the International Business program, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to take advantage of the challenges offered in a world trade environment. You will learn all the basics of business and gain specialized expertise in areas such as international trade law, finance, sales and marketing.

The program also offers hands-on experience through its industry project. This component will allow you to work in a team for a small business or a major company.

The last international business aspect of the School is its International Business Exchange, which enables students to study for a semester at one of Centennial's partner colleges or universities and receive full credit at Centennial for all successfully completed courses.

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